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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 286 - Brian - By NagaFood - Overview
Brian is twenty eight year old day care staff that watches over young children of wealthy and privilaged children between six months to five years of age. There are roughly 60 kids enrolled in the day care, more than half of which are girls, and five other child monitors, all female, ranging from ages twenty three to fifty five, and all very attractive do to their diet of healthy young males. Their is also two receptionists, both female, and then of course the owner of the day care, Miss Strongut, a fourty one year old red headed bombshell with the most miraculous and gravity defying breasts Brian has ever seen.

Despite being a bit tall and geeky, Brian is still a rather handsome guy, and faces dangers from three fronts; the fellow staff, who all have their eye on him as a potential 'belly date'; the family of the children in his care, both the sexy MILDI (Mother I'd Like to Digest Inside), as well as the teen and pre-teen sisters; and of course the young girls, who are prone to devouring males who get near them. It is a well known fact that many fathers are eaten by their baby daughters while trying to feed them or change their diapers, and nothing seems to amuse adult women more than seeing a cute little baby girl with her tummy bloated with an adult male. Many fathers, if not devoured by their wife, become a huge turd in their baby's diaper before her first birthday. Of course, being a male, Brian is stuck doing all the dirty work, like changing diapers, cleaning up messes in the bathrooms, and rubbing the little girl's inflated tummies as they digest their meals. Luckily for Brian, he has developed particular skill for evading becoming part of a girl's diet, but his luck will eventually run out. It doesn't help that he has a shameful desire to be eaten by a girl, whether it be a sexy adult woman or a cute little girl who innocently shoves him into her tight, compact belly. Woman are naturally stronger than men, of course, and even the littlest of baby girls can overpower the strongest of men, so naturally evading their little hands is Brian's forte. However, their is no avoiding the compelling desire generated by his loins when in the presence of a beautiful, busty woman, whose pheremones are fully developed and charms are fine tuned.

What will you do, will you choose to be Brian, the handsome, gentle geek who works for a childrens' day care, or will you be someone else?
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