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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 3 - Prey Girls, Thar be Prayin' Girls - By NagaFood - Overview
Unlicenced girls fill an interesting niche in this world. Most of them are girls without voraphilic abilities and are therefore perfectly legitamate targets for the hungry preds that roam the halls of schools. These girls often try to avoid drawing attraction to themselves or try to make friends with popular vores who will protect them from those who want to eat them, or at least, so they hope.

Julianna Morgenroe, an attractive, busty blond with double D cup breasts. Despite being a non vore, this athletic beauty is on the cheerleading team, it's only non voraphilic member. She is friends with all the other cheerleaders, including her somewhat sadistic best friend Brie, who is an even bustier red head and captain of the cheerleading squad. Her friends can be a bit devious at times, and she avoids post game parties like the plague for her friends often get drunk and she doesn't want to end up sloshing around in another girl's innards while it works on digesting her. Also, she is a target for the unpopular nerds clique, who despise the cheerleaders, and a chance to eat the non vore from there ranks is there dream, especially since Julianna is as snobby as the rest of them

Charlette Hoff is a child prodigy in the brains department. A junior in high school, she is only eleven years olds, and is more than a little nervous around her bigger and bigger boobed classmates. She sticks out like a sore thumb, which is not something you want when you are not vore capable. Shoulder length brown hair, short stature and A cup breasts and soft, pale skin are notable traits on this young brainiac, but can she outwit her pupils and avoid becoming brainfood?

Nikki Ingleburg is a raven haired, goth chick and a bit of a science nerd. She is also a closet lesbian, something she keeps a tight wrap on for unlicensed lezzys seem to have as high a mortality rate as boys. Her best friend, Kaitlynn, is actually quite the opposite to Nikki's gloomy, dark personality, she's blond, happy go lucky, and seems to be a bit of a klutz. She is a history whiz however and is actually alot more intelligence than she let's on. Nikki worries that Kaitlynn is getting suspicous of her sexual preferences, and isn't sure she wants to keep such a secret from her best friend much longer. Will her best friend accept her as a lesbian, or perhaps will Kaitlynn's stomach be more tolerant to her preferences?

Dora Linden is an example of how not all unlicensed vores are incapable of vore. A very plump and lazy girl, Dora's license has been expired for two months, and she hasn't even realized it yet! Her daily habit of eating several boys a day make that fact very unnoticeable, but a lot of the vore capable girls hate her for snagging boys they deemed as marked. It's only a matter of time before the other girl's realize that her license has expired and decide to make her a filling meal.
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