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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 305 - Troy - By NagaFood - Overview
Troy is a college student in his early twenties. Troy is 6 feet tall, white and thin with wavy brown hair. Like a lot of males, while Troy enjoys living and intends on staying alive as long as he can, he is very aroused by the prospect of being consumed by certain females. For some reason he finds himself especially aroused by the elimination aspect of voring; the male’s body being turned in to waste. Listening to his female friends talk about the dumps they had to take after digesting a guy was always a shameful turn on of his.
In his life, Troy faces vore threats from two different locations: one being the college campus where he lives and goes to class, the other being the local high school and middle school where he student teaches. And it seems like lately Troy has not escaped the sights of girls in either place…

The story begins at...
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