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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 4 - Teen Vore Girls - By NagaFood - Overview
Voring teenage females are the undeniable top of the social structure. Often times pampered as princesses, these girls have no reservations about men’s role as nourishment for their beautiful young bodies.

Nicole, age 19- Nicole is a college sophomore with a flirtatious personality who enjoys the freedom that college life provides her… including the access to eager young males. She’s only ever consumed a few guys, but that doesn’t stop her from teasing them or fantasizing about it. Recently, she’s been fantasizing about a guy who lives in her house on campus, especially the thought of swallowing him anally. Nicole is of Scandinavian about 5’ 5”, thin and flat chested with shoulder length blonde hair that she has to straighten daily.

Megan, age 15- Meg is fifteen years old and a freshman in high school, but she likes to act much older. She likes to act tough and experienced… and she certainly does have experience when it comes to boys. Her figure alone tells the story of her history; her chest is massively stacked and her frame is soft and pudgy with previous victims. She’s famous for causing the disappearance of many men in the area, both her peers and adults. She also always has a new boyfriend who she treats as her slave for as long as it entertains her, before consuming him and moving on to the next one. She is 5’3” with jet black hair and a strangely sow-like face that, along with her moderate heftiness, makes most men repulsed by her, yet she always seems to be able to seduce them with her two greatest assets: a domineering personality and the biggest breasts you’ve ever seen.

Lindsey, age 18- When Lindsey was in middle school and high school her divorced mother, who could not vore, would always feed her her boyfriends when she was finished with them. The young Lindsey would pretend to come on to the men and, by the time that they figured out her intent, their fate was being sealed. It started a lifelong trend for Lindsey who loved seducing men and boys by pampering them for a while before ultimately consuming them. A fun and crafty girl, Lindsey keeps a scrapbook with pictures and memories of every man she’s ever consumed; both before and after pictures. She is 5’ 3” with pale skin and long, straight blonde hair.

Kelsey, age 13- Kelsey actually hasn’t eaten a boy yet, but she absolutely can’t wait. She loves taunting her brother’s friends, rubbing her belly in front of them and often farting or talking about pooping in front of them. She is a little ashamed of it, but the elimination aspect of vore has always turned her on; the thought that she had the power to turn boys into poop just excited her so much. She’s a slightly pudgy young girl with brown hair who has decided that it might just be time that she start getting to know her brother’s older friends a little better.

Amy, age 17- Amy is a quiet, thin, awkward bookworm; 5’4” with plain looks, straight brown hair and nerdy glasses. She dresses very plainly and spends most of her days to herself reading, writing and fantasizing about romances with boys she’s dreamt up in her mind. Fantasies which end with the boy down her throat, in her womb, or, she’s slightly embarrassed by, squirming around in her anus.
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