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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 453 - Become Emily's child - By NagaFood - Overview
You think about what Emily is offering you for a long time. If you became her husband you would effectively be safe from being eaten except by Emily. If you became her daughter you would be at the top of the food chain as long as you were licensed. Of course you could be born a boy again and you'd have to deal with growing up a boy again and you didn't think you'd live as long this time.

"You seem to be having trouble deciding" Emily said with a grin. "I understand. Let me tell you a bit something that I've learned about you. I know what you truly desire."

"You... you do?" you asked. How could she know that your desire was to be eaten by a girl like her.

"Of course I do" Emily said. "I've seen how you react when I talk about turning boys into shit. I've seen the look in your eyes when I talk about my garden. You may be able to lie with a straight face but your eyes can't hide the joy you feel thinking about boys being turned to shit."

"Then why did you offer to Unbirth me?" you asked puzzled by this. "If you know that my secret desire is to be turned to shit why didn't you just digest me?"

"Because that's not what you truly desire" Emily said with a smile and placing her hand on your shoulder.

"I think I know my own desires" you said trying to figure out what game she was playing now.

"You may think you know but you don't" Emily said. "If you truly wanted to be digested and turned to shit you would have let someone vore you a long time ago. Given that there has to be something else you desire and I know what it is."

"So tell me what I truly desire then!" you nearly shouted. You were getting tired of Emily playing games with you.

"It's simple" Emily said giggling. "You don't want to be turned to shit, you want to be the one turning boys to shit."

You were stunned by this. It took you a minute to start thinking about it. When you did and looked back on your life you realized that Emily was right. It wasn't that you wanted to be turned to shit by anyone. You wanted the power to turn boys into shit. A smile spread across your face as you said "Well that makes my choice easy then. I'll become your daughter. Now, how about I crawl into your pussy so we can begin."

"Not so fast there Troy" Emily said. "I won't ovulate for five more days. That means that we have at least two days before I can Unbirth you. Though I want to wait until that day so there's no chance that we'll miss it. In the meantime we'll go look at baby stuff for you. I'll need to be prepared for when you're born."

"Well hopefully none of the clerks will recognize me" you said.

"Why would they recognize you?" Emily asked.

"Jackie had taken me around earlier because she wanted to Unbirth me" you said slightly ashamed.

"Well I'm glad you were able to escape from her" Emily said. "She wouldn't have made a good mother to you. She was fat and slow. I wonder how she even managed to hunt prey."

"I think she ordered her meals most of the time" you said.

"Well she wouldn't have been able to teach you to hunt, that's for sure" Emily said. "Now get cleaned up. You want to clean all of my digestive juices off of you. Otherwise you'll get some irritated spots. I need to make a phone call."

"Alright" you said standing up. Emily left and you began washing yourself making sure to get every nook and cranny. Fortunately you hadn't swallowed any of Emily's digestive juices so you didn't have to worry about your mouth or throat.

As you finish you hear Emily call "Troy! Come to the front door please! You can come naked if you wish!"

"Be there in a second!" you called back. You wondered what this was about so you wrapped a towel around yourself and went to see.

Upon arriving at the front door you see two women wearing gray dresses. They had a professional air about them. You've seen their kind before serving exemption papers to some of your friends. "What's this?" you asked surprised. "I thought you were going to Unbirth me?"

"Oh I am" Emily said. "I just wanted to make sure you were safe until I do."

"But the exemption papers are only for husbands or reserved meals" you said. You were getting a little scared now.

"Unbirthing is a type of vore" the woman on the right said. She had long jet black hair and green eyes. She looked trim and fit. "Since she will be getting the nutrients from your body you are considered a meal. As a meal you can be reserved for her. Now let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda." She smiled when she said this.

"And my name is Samantha" the other woman said. She had short blond hair and blue eyes. She looked to be just as trim and fit as her partner. "Since you two know each other and you're here we can skip the declaration. Keep this card and papers on you at all times." She handed you a card and some papers. "The card is your proof that you are a reserved meal. The papers explain who has reserved you and how they plan to vore you. You need to sign the papers acknowledging that you received them. If you don't do this we have the right to eat you."

You looked at the papers and noticed that there were two places for you to sign. "Where do I sign?" you asked.

"Where it says 'I hereby acknowledge that I have received these meal exemption papers on this date.'" Amanda said. "We'll sign the witness lines after you sign."

You take the pen they offered you and signed where they indicated. Once you had signed Amanda and Samantha signed the papers as witnesses. "Now make sure you keep those papers" Amanda warned. "You'll need to sign them again when she is ready to Unbirth you. Emily, make sure you call when you're ready but don't let the exemption expire."

"Oh I'll be sure of that" Emily said. "I ovulate in five days so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Well congratulations you two" Samantha said. "What are you going for anyway?"

"Well I'm hoping for a girl" Emily said. "This will be my first Unbirthing and I hope I can control the process to produce a girl."

"Have you been Unbirthed before?" Samantha asked you.

"To be honest this will be my first time" you said. "I had always thought that I'd end up as shit."

"Well you're in for a real treat then" Amanda said. "Being Unbirthed is such a pleasurable experience. It doesn't hurt unlike being eaten. My first Unbirth was such a joyous occasion for me." Amanda's eyes glazed over as she remembered the past. "I was a boy and my girlfriend decided to Unbirth me. I came out as a girl." Her eyes took on a sad expression as she said "Six years later my mom had let too many meal exemptions expire and she lost her license. It was then that her rival at work ate her and then Unbirthed me again. I was clearly able to hear my mom's screams of pain as she was digested. It took two years for my new mom to get pregnant with me. Fortunately I came out as a girl again and here I am. But I'm talking your ears off with my memories." She giggled at this point and then said "Trust me, you'll like being Unbirthed."

"We'll go now" Samantha said. "You two have a good night. Emily, if you do Unbirth him in five days we'll working again and we'll be the ones witnessing his Unbirth."

"Alright" Emily said smiling. "We'll see you then." As Amanda and Samantha left Emily closed the door and then said "You'll be staying here until then. You'll be safer here than at your dorm. Besides, I want to have sex before I Unbirth you." She said this while stroking your chest and then moving her hand down to the towel. She quickly whipped it off and stroked your cock as it grew hard.

You decide to go along with it. It wasn't as if you had any real choice in the matter. If Emily wanted to have sex that bad she could easily overpower and rape you. She leads you to the bedroom where you both have sex for the first time in your lives. You'll always remember how it felt to have your cock in her and how your first orgasm with a girl felt.
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