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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 454 - Shopping and the big Unbirthing day - By NagaFood - Overview
You're woken up by Emily kissing you. You open your eyes and say "Good morning Mommy."

Emily giggles and says "I can see that you're really looking forward to becoming my child. I do hope that I can control it so you become a girl. I really want a daughter. Well, get up and get dressed. We have a busy day of shopping ahead of us."

"Don't you have school though?" you asked knowing that it was a school day.

"Oh they won't miss me" Emily said. "I've already called and told them what I was doing. They congratulated me on becoming a mother-to-be. Now get up before I decide to eat you instead."

You could tell that she wasn't serious but you decided to play along. "Oh please Emily, don't eat me" you said. "I'm getting up. See?"

Emily laughed and said "That's just one of the things I love about you. Your sense of humor."

You got out of bed and went to get ready. To your surprise you see your clothes from your room hanging up in Emily's closet. She must have arranged for them to be delivered last night while you were sleeping. Soon you were dressed and heading to the mall. When you went into the same baby clothes store you were in yesterday the same clerk came up to you and said "I remember you. Weren't you in here yesterday with another girl?"

"Yes I was" you admit.

"What happened?" the clerk asked with a look of concern on her face.

"She was an unlicensed vore who was after my Troy so I ate her" Emily replied holding your arm.

"Well how may I help you?" the clerk asked.

"We're here to pick out clothes for him" Emily said.

"Ah... so you're still going to be unbirthed" the clerk said. "What are you going for?"

"We're going for a girl" Emily said.

"Well congratulations both of you" the clerk said. "Now you have to take into account that he'll take on some of your traits so you really don't know what he'll look like. Now let me show you some clothes. This little dress is really cute and would look good on any newborn girl."

"It looks really cute" Emily said. "What do you think Troy? You're going to be wearing it and I want you to be comfortable with what I put you in."

You smile and say "If I do come out as a girl I woul love to wear that dress."

"I like to hear the soon-to-be child say stuff like that" the clerk said. "It's a sure sign that you want to be unbirthed."

You spent some time looking over different clothes and Emily bought the ones you liked. Next you went to a baby bedding store and you picked out a nice bassinet. Sure it was girlie with it being a pastel pink with ruffles. As you were leaving you see Courtney coming toward you. She had an obnoxious personality and a horse-like face. She had told you many times that she would hair vore you at some point. You really didn't want to go that way because of the stories you've heard. As soon as was close she said "There you are Troy. I've been looking for you. It's time for me to hair vore you."

"I don't think so Courtney" you said grinning. "Emily has already reserved me and I have the papers to prove it."

"You're lying" Courtney said advancing on you. You notice her hair start to lift up getting ready to ensnare you.

"He isn't lying" Emily said coolly. "You'll want to back off now before I eat you."

"You wouldn't do that little girl" Courtney said belittling Emily.

"Big words coming from an unlicensed vore" Emily said. "Now go away before I eat you. I haven't had breakfast yet." To emphasize this her stomach growled loudly at that moment.

Courtney looked at Emily with disdane and said "You're both lying and I will have Troy. No one will cheat me out of a meal."

Just then mall security came up and she said "If you are reserved then produce the papers." After you produce them she turns to Courtney and said "He is reserved miss. Now please move along before I have to forcibly remove you."

"He's mine and I don't care what those papers say" Courtney said.

"You don't have a license so you can't contest it" Emily said.

"I don't care if I have a license or not!" Courtney said raising her voice. "Troy is mine and I will have him."

Suddenly Emily had Courtney's head in her mouth. She ripped off her shirt while the mall security lady took off her shoes, socks, pants, and panties. Emily took off Courtney's bra and forced her to her knees. Emily crammed more of Courtney into her mouth and started playing with her. You could hear her muffled screams and then moans of pleasure. Courtney orgasmed just as Emily reached her groin. Emily lifted Courtney's legs into the air so gravity could help her swallow. Courtney kicked her legs and you could hear her muffled screams again. Once Courtney had fully disappeared into Emily's stomach she let out a little sigh of contentment and looked through Courtney's purse. She took out a wad of cash and put it into her own purse.

The female security officer picked up Courtney's clothes then looked at you and Emily and said "Congratulations you two. You be a good mother and take care of him."

"Oh I will" Emily said then let out a little burp.

"How did you know she wasn't licensed?" you asked worried that she had just ate a licensed vore right in front of everyone.

"There are little signs that let you know" Emily said. "I'll make sure to teach you them so you'll know. Now we should get home. I don't want good fertilizer going to waste."

A few days later...

You woke up early with a smile on your face. Today was the day Emily would be unbirthing you. Emily wasn't in bed with you and you assumed that she was out hunting her breakfast. You just laid in bed thinking about how it might feel to be unbirthed. You had heard from numerous people that it was a pleasurable experience. You noticed your dick getting hard just thinking about crawling into Emily's womb. Emily came into the bedroom drying her hair. You hadn't heard the shower running and she liked you to be with her when she did take a shower. "Good morning sweetie" she said kissing your forehead.

"Good morning Mommy" you said. You had started calling her Mommy since she was going to be your mother and she in turn had started calling you sweetie. "Why didn't you wake me for your shower?"

"I wanted to let you sleep sweetie" Emily said as she sat down. "I see that you have a little problem. I'll take care of that right now."

"I thought you didn't want to have sex anymore" you said a little confused. Emily had told you that she didn't want any semen in her womb until she unbirthed you.

"Well today is the day and I'm going give you head" she said pulling the covers off of you. She pulled down your boxers and began sucking on your hard cock. She was an expert at stimulating you but never letting it go far enough to where you orgasmed until she was ready. You guessed that an hour had passed before she was ready and let you orgasm. She greedily swallowed all the cum you produced. Once your cock grew soft and she had licked all your cum up she asked "So what will your name be?"

She had asked this question last night and you had said that you had to think about it. Now, looking at Emily you said "I was thinking that I should be Helen."

"Why did you pick that name?" Emily asked resting her chin on your chest.

"It's kind of a play on my name" you said. "In Greek mythology there was a woman named Helen of Troy who was so beautiful that young men were fighting each other for the honor of her voring them."

"I remember that story" Emily said. "It's a good play on your name. Now you just stay right here and I'll go make the call."

You knew what call she was going to make and two hours later Amanda and Samantha were sitting in Emily's living room. You were just wearing your boxers as you didn't see any reason to put more clothes on. "Are you excited about today Troy?" Amanda asked.

"I am" you said and indeed you were. Ever since Emily had opened your eyes to your true desire you had been looking foward to this.

"Ok then" Samantha said. "Just sign the papers where it says 'I understand that I am about to be unbirthed and relinquish all rights to my previous life'. After we confirm that Emily has unbirthed you we will sign it too."

You eagerly sign the paper where they had told you. You looked up at Emily and said "I'm ready when you are Mommy."

"That's sweet" Amanda said. "He's already calling you Mommy."

"Well in nine months I will be his mommy and he'll be my daughter" Emily said with a big smile.

"Well I want to see this" Samantha said. "I've never seen someone so eager to be unbirthed. How are you going to take him?"

"Well since he'll be coming out head first it seems only natural that he should go in head first" Emily said. "Get your boxers off sweetie so we can get on with this."

"You have to take your panties off too Mommy" you said removing your boxers.

Emily removes her panties and sits down on the floor. You kneel down in front of her spread legs. As you lowered your head she grabbed it and guided you to the proper spot. Like you really needed guidance. You felt her vaginal opening stretch over the top of your head as you started to enter. You cock became rock hard at this point and you hoped that you wouldn't cum before you were completely inside. You felt the top of your head hit the back of her cervix and the usually small hole stretch to allow you to enter her womb. You heard her moan in pleasure before your ears disappeared inside her. As your head traveled farther in it became dark and extremely moist.

You could feel Emily's legs moving alongside you and the muscles drawing you in further and further. As your shoulders entered you found that our arms were pinned to your side. As more of you disappeared into Emily you grew more excited. You could still hear Emily moaning in pleasure but it was a bit muffled now. As your cock entered you had to concentrate in order not to cum. Soon you were feeling your feet enter the slick confines. You were now curled up into a tight ball in Emily's womb. It was pleasantly hot in here but not humid. You closed your eyes relishing in the comfort this provided. You could hear her heartbeat and it seemed to be racing. Suddenly you heard her give a loud moan of pleasure and some sort of fluid covered you causing your skin to tingle.

You felt Emily get up then a pressure against you like someone was hugging her. It disappeared and then you felt another pressure and Amanda say "Congratulations Emily. I hope that you're very happy being a mother." You thought that was all she was going to say but then you heard her clearer than before. She must be speaking directly to the bulge in Emily's figure that was you. "You be a good girl for your mommy Troy. Don't give her too much trouble."

Amanda and Samntha said good bye to both of you and then you heard the door close. After a bit Emily said "Well that part's done. Now comes the hard part where I have to concentrate for you to be born a girl. I'll see you in nine months sweetie."
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