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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 610 - Charlette’s revenge - By abccba0671 - Overview
Tina, Rita and Jenny returned not long after, they stared at the mess that remained in the house and started yelling “Where are you Charlette? You useless maid! I should’ve eaten you!” Little did they know the boys are spying them from all sides with Charlette directing them. Several traps are ready but Charlette instructed the boys To wait until the girls split up.
“My house is too big, let’s split up to find that lazy girl and eat her” said Tina.
“Sure, I'd like the taste of her body and all the boys inside her” responded Jenny and Rita.
The three girls split up looking for Charlette and are determined to punish her.
Tina goes to her bedroom to look for Charlette, only to meet two boys ambushing her. Normally, Tina can easily outmuscle and subdue two boys but the boys have found a traquilizer, one of the boys shot Tina right at her crotch, the substance quickly flows into Tina's bloodstream and she falls on the ground unconscious.
The two boys look at Tina's large and immobile body, they then nod at each other and proceed to tie Tina up with strong ropes.
Next is Rita, Rita decides to look for Charlette in a bathroom, only to get herself electrified when she touches the doornob as Charlette has instructed the boys to connect power sockets to the doornobs in the bathrooms. A boy watching signals another boy.
Jenny spots the boy and started running towards at him with her superior speed, quickly closing the distance in seconds. As she leans forward and stretches her hand to grab the boy, she suddenly feels something falling down on her.
Then came a 'Squelch' sound, Charlette's tight pussy lips part as it contacts Jenny's head. Jenny's head slides into the little girl's passage quickly. However, the proccess stopped after Jenny's entire head is inside Charlette's girlhood.
Charlette grins at the boys watching her with Jenny's head trapped inside her, the boys cheered as she starts rubbing her tummy with Jenny's screaming face showing. Jenny attempts to push Charlette off her head but the little girl's pussy is very tight indeed and despite Jenny's best efforts had no avail.
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