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Cut Down to Size - Page 453 - Limited memories - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
What you just described was about the sum total of your memories. You can't remember the gender you had before the experiment, you can't remember growing up. You did remember how to read and write but not learning. You knew about the world around you, the names of everything you saw and new things as you saw them. However, this was about it. You were not even sure all the events you described happened on the same day. It was at this moment that your mother came into the room.
"Astonishing, all your matter has been reduced in even proportions without compromising the structural or biological integrity or functions of your body. I assume everything still works as it should, have you tried?"
"I have got up, moved around and felt stuff but not tested any internal organ systems yet." You reported. This felt like a natural response to your mother's question despite not remembering having said it before. "One other thing, one side effect seems to be Retrograde Amnesia. I have very limited memory but no signs of Anterograde Amnesia at the moment, I remember everything from when I woke up." You explain.
"Interesting." your mother replies. "Can you describe what you do remember?"
You recount the events and skills you do remember.
"Excellent, that is everything I would expect from experiment XD005. And your new size opens up a new range of experiments. But first, how small are you exactly." Your mother gets out a tape measure and holds it up beside you. "Stand up straight." She orders and you obey. "Remarkable, you are about 12cm, a little under 5 inches tall." She notes it down on a clipboard she is carrying. Now would be a good time to describe her. she is tall, but then so is everyone. Has long dark blond hair, green eyes, medium breasts, and is a little on the chubby side of being average build. That is to say, she is not skinny or fat but not muscular either.
Ok, time for today's experiment
Your mother picked you up and carried you to her lab in the converted garage attached to the house. She stated to take the following notes and measurements.
Subject Name: Alex
Age: 25
Previous height: 180cm/5foot 11 inches
Current height: 12cm/5 inches
Biological gender: hermaphrodite
Hair colour: short brown
Eye colour: green
Pre-shrinking prepositions were an athletic build with: 34D cup breasts, 7-inch penis when aroused and a vaginal canal depth of approximately 5 inches to the cervix. Current proportions seem to be proportional to the new body size but are impractical to measure with current equipment. I will update when more precise equipment arrives.
She then proceeded to test your strength, finding it proportionally greater than your previous reading. For example, your previous deadlift record was 150kg you could now lift 200g a remarkable loss but proportionally greater.
She then tested your pain sensitivity and durability by poking you with a needle attached to a machine that could provide a measurable pressure. Despite the sharpness of the needle, it was almost impossible to penetrate your skin. After a significant amount of pressure and discomfort, the needle was able to draw blood and your mother stopped the test and treated your wound. You then shared lunch, eating a few crumbs of bread and a small sliver of cheese from your mother's sandwich.
After lunch waits were placed on your chest until you felt uncomfortable, you were able to take a considerable amount of pressure for your size. You were then given a fitness test. Your mother created a scaled-down replica of a course you remember running in the back garden. You ran it slightly faster than your previous record but your mother said it was not statistically significant according to the statistics at least as could be determined by one run.
After this, you felt like you needed the toilet. Your mother, despite your uncomfortability, watched you as you pissed from your cock (you had no urethral opening as part of your vulva but did have a clitoris, labia and vagina). You also released stool from your ass. Both forms of waste were collected for analysis. Your mother noted that your digestive tract seemed to function as normal.
"That's enough tests for today. I am going to crunch the data and start working on some clothing for your new size." Your mother concluded. For now you can watch some t.v. Tomorrow I will see If I can make a miniature controller for your console and some way to turn the pages of a book."
"Mum, could you also work on returning me to my previous size, please." You asked.
Once I have tested the full limits of your new form I will work on returning your size if you still want." your mother replied.
You watched T.V for the rest of the day. Before bed, your mother took a small DNA cheek swab and tucked you into your now massive bed.
The next day you wake up ready for some more tests of your new tiny form, the quicker you complete the tests, the quicker you can return to normal size.
"Morning Sweetie," Your mother said. Today we have a selection of tests for you to choose from. What test would you like to do today?"
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