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Cut Down to Size - Page 457 - Your fine - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
You move around in the dark, you find your way to the arch of your mother's food and wiggle out. You hear laughter from your mother that sounds like thunder to your tiny body. "That tickles." She cackles.
As you emerge from the foot she looks down at you. Her comparatively giant size looms over you. "A Pass, that's good." Your mother remarks. She looks down and sees you shaking. The trauma of your mother nearly crushing you was too much.
"Oh, sweetie, it's all right, it's all right. We can end stop the test for today." Your mother
You watched T.V for the rest of the day. Before bed, your mother took a small DNA cheek swab and tucked you into your now massive bed. However, You found it hard to sleep, still tramatised by the experiment. Your mother came to check on you. When you explained your problem she reached into her pocket and took out a tiny bottle. "I thought this might happen; Here drink this." She hands you a tiny bottle.
Without thinking, as if you had done this a thousand times, you take a sip from the bottle and everything goes black.
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