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Cut Down to Size - Page 458 - Swallow test - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
"Goodmorning, Today we are going to test your durability in this size with some more real-life experiences." Your mother explained.
"Ok, how are we going to do this?" you asked.
"I am going to swallow you." Your mother said nonchalantly.
"Wait, What, how is that an accurate or fair test? How can I possibly hope to survive that?" You question.
"With your new tiny size, there are a lot of creatures who could swallow you whole. Besides, there were a lot of experimental chemicals in that mix and the cause and limits of your shrinking are unknown. How can I possibly hope to return your size without testing?" Your mother explained. With that said your mother plucked you from your bed.
"Wait Wait mum" You protested as she placed your naked body on her tongue. Your legs hung out of her mouth; your face staring down her throat; the tip of her tongue pressing gently against your twin genitals. This got your attention and apparently the attention of your mum.
Her tongue curled back rubbing along the shaft of your cock and pressing against your labia. She began lapping at your tiny pussy, which also rubbed across your shaft.
"MMmmmmmmm" Your mother let out a moan that vibrated past your body.
This continued with your mother letting out small moans as your pleasure builds. You began squirming on your mother's tongue, kicking your legs outside her mouth and your nipples grinding on her tongue.
"Ahh!" You cried as you reached orgasm. You sprayed cum from your cock and femcum out your pussy drenching your mother's tongue with sexual fluids.
Your mother's tongue pressed into your pleased pussy pressing you to the back of her throat and with a gulp, your legs were pulled into her mouth as you slid down into her throat. another gulp and you felt her throat squeezing you down in a rhythmic peristaltic movement. This stopped as her throat opened up depositing you into the stomach.
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