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Cut Down to Size - Page 467 - Various elixirs - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
Your mother let you get dressed in the dolls cloth's she had given you. You were surprised how she managed to find a bar and boxers that fit you. She said that she found them on a specialist site that seemed to be geared towards creepy fetishes. You dressed in a white bra, men's boxers (you needed the room), white socks, a cute green blouse and a matching green skirt. Your mother remarked how you looked a bit like Tinkerbell on casual Friday.

After a breakfast of a stack of pancake crumbs in a drop of syrup, she took you down to the lab. Your mother had concocted various different chemicals. Before the tests started, she took a DNA swab and made you run through the basic exercise test and measurements. Your measurements were all the same, you even ran the course in a similar time

You drank the first concoction XD009. Nothing visible or happened then you blacked out. When you came too, there seemed to be no changes still. Your mother retook your DNA and ran the tests. You completed the obstacle course in a significantly faster time. she marked this down as a success.

This continued with you drinking something, blacking out and your mother rerunning tests. You tried XD011, XD020, XD057 and XD089 All of which had no discernable effect and were marked down as failures. You don't know how your mother's naming system worked, it seemed to be random. However, something interesting did happen when you drank XD101. You did not black out this time; instead, you felt a tingling sensation and you felt like you were moving upwards. Your feet however remained on the ground. After a quick measurement, it seemed you had grown 2cm to a total height of 14cm or 5.5 inches.

"Yes, I have finally done it!" Your mother exclaimed. "I have finally found something that could restore your height. However, it seems the dose your body can currently take limits the growth. There must be a quicker way."

She made you run the tests one more time, and all your statistics improved to reflect the change in height. This suggested that your increased strength and speed would be carried through with you as you returned to your normal height. Despite running all the tests multiple times, each time you had blacked out you had come too refreshed but after this run through you felt very hungry. You suspected it was due to the sudden change in height.

Your mother took you to the kitchen and made lunch. She cut the corners off her toast and poured on 5 baked beans, giving herself the rest.

"I think you have had enough testing for today. I will have to come up with a way to accelerate your growth." Your mother remarked. You watched T.V for the rest of the day. Before bed, your mother took a small DNA cheek swab and tucked you into your now massive bed. Here, drink this it will help you sleep. She hands you a tiny bottle. Without thinking, as if you had done this a thousand times, you take a sip from the bottle and everything goes black.
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