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Cut Down to Size - Page 468 - Intimate test - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
This morning, before you got dressed your mother stopped you. "You won't need clothing today, it will get in the way of our experiment." Your mother explained. She took you to her bedroom. You noticed a bottle on her nightstand marked XD001 and some small vials of XD005. She placed you down on the nightstand. You watch in awe as she removes her dressing down revealing nothing underneath. She lies down on the bed, there naked with everything on display. Her breasts were roughly C cups, there was a small tuft of well-groomed pubic hair on her mound and her pussy lips were similar to your own as best as you could see. She picked you up and placed you on her belly button.

"So today I thought we would try something different. " Your mother explained as you began to worry. She picked you up again.

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