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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 1249 - Preparing Dinner - By CDRSjskluvYzwi - Overview
By: davidargall

Ashley looks up from her reading [a book on string theory hidden within a copy of Cosmo] with a scornful expression "Like I'm supposed to eat something all yucky from your stomach. Totally lame. Like, get her cleaned up in the shower."

Following orders, you head to the shower where you spit Susan out and start to bath her. Not that this is easy. Susan is not interested in being a meal and spends her time trying to get out than in getting clean. And no sooner is she passably clean than Ashley tells you she does not want the girl getting her bed wet and so you must dry the struggling lass as well.

But finally you have Susan clean and dry, and presented to Ashley, as you try not to bleed on anything that might stain. Ashley looks her over and grumbles "Like, I'm supposed to just chow down on some Joanie. Totally uncool. Well, the wild thing will make it less of a downer."

Grabbing your soldier, she says you are to...

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