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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 224 - Entering School - By Journeyman - Overview
an addition by: Gimlet
You walk up to the entrance building and look up. Above the entrance is a banner.

"All who enter here excel over others, and all who excel here enter others."

Rather an odd motto, but then this is an odd school. Shrugging you walk into the hallway. After a short way you see a desk, looking more like a receptionist position than anything. Behind the desk is a tall brunette with a rather impressive bust who is currently filing her nails. Her costume is not one you would normally see on someone who works in a school, very tight figure hugging material with plunging neckline that goes past the middle of her ample chest.

"Welcome to Consumentirity, Vore High to you. Please sign here." she says handing you a pen.

The paper she gives you seems to be a waiver of personal responsability both freeing you from being charged with numerous legal claims (including murder) and meaning you cannot claim anything should something happen to you.

"Don't worry, it's a merely a formal detail. Most students survive the frequent stomach trips round here." she says, grinning.

You guess you won't get into the school without signing so you reluctantly do so.

"Right, now there are five houses open that you can enter into. Pick one and go get settled in. Careful though, each has their own house rules enforced rather stringently. Classes start tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp. Your dorm will have a chart showing you your lesson options."

She hands you a flier with a map and a list of the five houses along with directions to the dorms.

The first house is Alpha Beta Alpha. Aparently this house is mostly female and any boys wanting to join need to pass some sort of test. The heads of the house are always girls aparently. All dorm rooms are shared between two people. Boys must share with a girl, not another boy, and the girl is in charge. What she says goes. There is some note that house rules here state that no-one is allowed to digest anyone in the house unless they get express permission from the house head girls.

The second house is Alpha Alpha Omega. This one seems more open, less strict. All are welcome and the only rule seems to be get as many people in your stomach as possible (preferably all at the same time). The heads tend to be those who have proven they are the best swallowers. They tend to frown on digestion, but there are no actual house rules against it.

The third house is Kappa Kappa Kappa. The picture of the house on the map is rather odd and appears painted rather than a photo. They list some rather odd rules, mostly involving anvils, custard pies and banana peels. Entry requirements seem to involve a 'taste test'. Is that you tasting something or you being tasted? The Head of the house seems more permanent here and is actually listed on the flier. She is aparently called 'Lickety Split' and a note below says 'Absolutely no jokes in her presence about her ears' whatever that means.

The forth house is Upsilon Delta Tau. There is little information here, but again seems to mostly allow only girls in. Another test is required (aparently for boys and girls) who want to apply and the test is termed 'Rear entry'. It says that all member must maintain an open mind, and several other parts of the body too. 'No digestion is allowed, or even possible'. What does that mean? Is this vore at all? The head has been put down a couple of times and scribbled out. The current head (written in pen) is called K. N. lingus, and they apparently list her vital statistics; 45 35 58.

The fifth house is Omega Delta Omega. This house is listed as being very competitive and although all are allowed entry, there are few people on it's roster. Digestion is apparently encouraged, and it seems to rise in the ranks of the house require eating the more senior members. It seems this house is all about who eats who first.

So, which house do you want to enter?
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