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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 485 - Hellooo, NURSE! - By VorishGlutton - Overview
You walk nervously up to the door, pushing it open as you try to keep your skirt from tenting at the sight of all the sexy gals (and guys. Hey, you aren't picky *wink*.) You walk down the hall, and into the nurse's office as directed upon registration. The nurse is quite a beauty; large, soft bosom straining her tight blouse, a stereotypical nurse's cap perched atop her lovely blonde hair, a slight layer of pudge over her already beautiful body. Her skirt is very short.

"Oh, you must be the new girl." she says in a nigh-musical voice. You find it even harder to control yourself as she leans over to examine you.

"Mmhm. Quite a fine specimen indeed. Now, strip down for the full examination."

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