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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 5 - Secretary- now hiring - By Svalbard - Overview
Originally written by: hungrykitten

You smile, and she looks a bit nervous. "Wha...what did you mean by...that?"

You grab her head, licking your red lips. "Oh, I just like the way you'll fill me up nicely"

"No! No! You can't! You haven't taken the formmmph!"

Before she can finish her protest, you shove her head into your awaiting maw, lips sealing over her neck. Your eyes close, as you savor her flavor, her red hair dangling out of your lips as she struggles. Your jaws are stronger than most, so you have no trouble holding her inside as you leisurely remove her clothing. You've devoured much stronger meals, so her weakish punches don't even make you flinch. When her clothing is in a messy pile on the floor, you finally take your shoulders in. Then, after a good, thorough licking, you swallow her massive mammaries. They make nicely shaped bulges in your previously slim gullet. Her screams continue, as you swallow her waist, pinning her arms to her sides in her throat. Your teeth dent her pudgy rump, and you lick hungrily at her cunny, tasting her delicious femjuices. But her pleasure is shortlived; you swallow her thighs with a lovely swallow. The buttons pop off your blouse and the zipper on your shorts pops open as your belly sags out. Your mouth soon closes over her painted toes, and you give the final swallow, and sit back, rubbing your thrashing occupant through your stretched skin. "Mmm...URRRRRRP!...get comfy while you can..."
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