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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 932 - She's impressed! - By PhantomWolf - Overview
Red head blushes is surprise but then recovers and a smug smirk appears on her face. "To think a newb would down Faillel I have to say you pique my interests boy!".

"So does that mean I've been accepted?" You ask hopefully.

"Oh but of course!" She says. "Tell me whats your name?"

"Travis" you answer "And you are...?"

"Jasmine" she answers shaking your hand. "Vice President and advisor to the 3 Heads of House"

Wow seems you've quite the first impression as well as powerful ally.

"So what now?" You ask.

"Oh You'll be granted a room and board but as for what happens immediately".

She pulls two vials from her bountiful clevage. "One will allow you to digest her immediately forever then other will allow her to reform and make her your pet forever".

"Sweet!" You say taking the vials

"Be warned that should you choose to allow her to reform you may face the repurcussions of your decision"

You give her a questioning look and she smiles and shakes her head. "Faillel is.. was a very powerful mage, our building nullifys magic except to those who are granted special privalege. Faillel may prove to be too powerful for the Reform Slavery potion to work if it does she'll be your property forever if it fails you'll have quite a deadly foe on your hands!"

Jasmine hands you the vials. "Make your choice wisely".

She exits the room giving you a great view of your large round ass and plump hips.

You gaze the vials in your hands.

The Red one will digest her forever

The Blue one makes her your slave... maybe

Which vial do you drink?
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