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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 981 - Easily - By arcbound5 - Overview
"Easily," and grab your five and devour them, huge bellies and all, even though a especially large one gives you a little bit of difficulty. She looks at you and raises an eyebrow, "hmm, I must say I am impressed you are still eating, but you don't stand a chance. There are still around sixty girls left and they are all bigger than the girls we have already eaten. I am just worried for your health, I don't want you to eat too much and get sick." She finishes with a look of fake concern, but even on her it looks rather endearing and hot. You decide not to give her a response and grab one of the biggest girls in the group and send her straight to your belly; with her devoured you have done something just then that has yet to be done since you started, and that is taking the lead. That fact is not missed by Zaelia as she grabs two big girls herself and stuffs her face with them, expanding her mouth to encompass their round forms. She looks to you as if expecting you to be behind but you already have a girl moving to your gut and another in your mouth, she is shocked by this turn of events and grabs a few more. Every time she tries to get ahead of you in numbers eaten she finds that you have already surpassed what she thought was the new record. This continues until you arrive at ninety girls eaten and watch her finish up the girls she has in her hands which brings her to a ninety girls eaten as well. "Are you waiting for me to catch up so you can gloat?" She asks accusingly "I will eat more than you, there is just no way I would lose to someone so small." your response is, "why don't you put your food where your mouth is?"

You press on more slowly this time to keep in pace with Zaelia, who is also going slowly. You watch the goddess's gut expand and rest on the cold ground as you both eat the remaining girls. You estimate of about two hundred was off by eleven, as there sit twenty-one more girls to be devoured. You keep on trucking however as you move your lips over a girl's large bosom, heavy tummy, and huge butt. With her down in your gut you see fifteen more to eat, apparently the goddess hasn't given up just yet, even though she has slowed down considerably since you made your comeback. As you eat your next overstuffed meal you feel her belly wobble and jiggle and it makes you giggle with the fact that she probably ate some people while in the pen. As you finish this girl you watch Zaelia try her hardest to swallow another plump girl. You watch as she gulps multiple times to send her down her throat but the girl refuses to budge, its not till she uses her hands to push on the girl through her throat and gulp does she manage to get the girl moving down to her tummy. "Gonna be hard to finish the rest if someone like that is causing you problems." You say, the only response you get is her grabbing two more girls and going to shove them into her mouth, however she fails to get her mouth open wide enough and struggles to even fit one girl in, let alone two. You laugh at this and grab two more and eat them nearly at the same time. You finish yours and are surprised to see that she also finished her pair, and you both grab one more of the nine remaining girls. you swallow easily and send her down to your gut as if she was a noodle, despite being about ten feet in diameter. The goddess, however, struggled to get her girl eaten even though you are pretty sure she was only eight feet across. After she is done you both look to see your next meal, but instead of seeing seven girls remaining, you see only one with another girl hanging out of her mouth, legs kicking wildly. the last remaining girl swallows hard and sends her prey to the stomach with all the other girls that were here. You look and imagine the girl to be probably fourteen feet around, and you look to Zaelia and ask her, "are you even capable of eating another girl? especially one of her magnitude?" You see the fear in her eyes, you know full well that she couldn't eat another girl if she was four foot nothing and weighed fifty pounds. But she musters up every bit of courage she can find and looks at you saying "of course I can, I am a goddess and what kind of goddess would lose to some mere mortal?" She reaches one of her hands down to pick up the girl but as she tries she struggles to life her, she tries a couple more times and still fails to move her at all. "Is you tummy to full to lift even one little girl?" She looks at you goading her and all you hear her respond with is a huff and moves her second hand to help lift.

She slowly brings the big girl to her mouth and positioning her right above she drops her into her mouth; or at least, that is what she was hoping would happen. What really happened was that she landed on her lips and sat there unmoving, try as Zaelia might, she could not open her mouth wide enough. She grabs her a tries to push her in, but no amount of pushing gets the large lady past her plump lips. The goddess attempts to move her into her mouth for five minutes until giving up. Grabbing the girl she lifts her up and pants "Why can't I open my mouth wide enough? I have done so for other girls." She tries one last time and gives it her all, putting all of her force into it, and it still fails. She runs out of energy and nearly passes out, dropping the fat girl right in front of you and you walk up to the tubby food and lift her up, the goddess says to you while bent on top of her belly and tits, "You can't eat her, she is too big for you," and then pants from just that exertion. You simply smile at her, open your mouth wide and start eating her belly first, just to prove your dominance. You move your mouth over the massive tummy and feel all the plump girls inside of her, as you get closer to the base you think you counted eighteen girls she has eaten, pretty impressive for someone not you. With that done you eat her tits and pussy, making sure to give it a nice licking to reward the girl with an orgasm, and then finish off her head and legs in one easy gulp. In moments she arrives at your belly and you let out a cute little burp as Zaelia stare in disbelief. "No way, there is no way a perfect goddess like myself could lose, its just not possible." the headmistress gets down from the rafters and says, "believe it sister, now go back to where you came from so I can freely punish these other girls for doing something so stupid." The goddess responds with, "I can't, the portal wasn't big enough for me to completely come here in the first place, there is no way with a belly like this I can return." The headmistress then replies, "That's ok, I have other ways to dispose of disobedient girls."

The headmistress walked up to the tired Goddess, grabbed one of her fingers on one of her arms, and gave a big pull and yanked her out of the portal; which proceeded to close up immediately. You and Zaelia stare in disbelief at the strength the headmistress had but your eyes are quickly drawn away to how massive her hips and ass truly are. Her cheeks are actually the size of hills and her hips are bigger around than her tummy is even after its packed with over a hundred fat black girls. The headmistress walks to her feet and simply says "bottoms up" and slips both of Zaelia's feet into her mouth, devouring her legs first. The goddess reacts to this by trying to crawl away and begging, "NO, you can't do this, I am a goddess, I can't be eaten like this. Please stop, I'll give you anything you want, anything! You name it and its yours, please just don't eat me, this shouldn't even be happening. A goddess can't be eaten by a mortal, its just not possible." these begs quickly turn to crying and pleading, but the Headmistress doesn't stop for nothing and keeps on eating, getting half way up her legs the goddess still tries to crawl away, but bearing such a large tummy prevents keeps her from actually crawling and all she can try to do is drag her tits and belly away. But every time she does so she is pulled back even more by the headmistress eating her up. When the headmistress arrives at the gloriously large butt that only a goddess could have Zaelia starts pleading again, "Please be big enough to stop her, I... I don't want to get eaten." Which for a moment you think maybe it is, the headmistress has made very little progress on this massive, jiggling ass; and the crawling actually does a decent job of slowing her down. but eventually she wraps her lips around the widest portion of the butt and you Zaelia burst into tears as she realizes her best hope of survival is gone, but that doesn't mean she won't try to get out. The stomach comes next and is quickly pulled into your godmother's mouth, leaving her with only a bosom and head to get. the Bust was very impressive, but was even more impressive was watching her eat them in such a short amount of time. With only the goddess's sobbing head left she quickly swallows it and says, "Maybe you shouldn't be try to force change on the world to what you want it to be and instead make changes in what you can and little by little watch as the world becomes a better place." She walks up to you while you stare at her tummy, it has grown a bit but you would never assume she just ate a hundred foot tall goddess with a butt bigger than a pair of hills. That just goes to show you the difference in your skill as a pred, maybe someday you will be as good as her.
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