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Realm of Exesus - Page 1 - Rebirth - By Battalia - Overview
You slowly regain your senses little by little as you are pulled from a restful slumber. The warm but heavy blankets fight your movements and entice you to stay within their comfy embrace, but the warm sun shining on your face reminds you that the day must start, and there is work to be done. Then you realize you didn't hear your alarm clock go off...

You jolt upright, the white blankets falling to your waist in soft folds. While your brain screams at the prospect of being late for work once again, the scene in front you pushes that thought to the back of your mind. Row upon row of white wooden beds with white blankets line the building. This isn't your home. Stranger still, some of the beds are inhabited. A cool breeze from the open door gives your naked flesh goosebumps. You look down at yourself, another mystery of where your clothing has gone, you don't normally sleep in the nude.

Without warning a soft female voice sounds beside your bed. "Pardon me, Y-" But before she can continue a startled cry leaves your mouth as you grasp the bedding as if it was some kind of shield, pulling it up to your neck. again, clad in only white stands a pale woman your age, but her garments don't look very modern. In her hands are some folded clothes, in a brown colour. "Please, keep your voice down. The others are still sleeping. I know this will sound strange, but your not home anymore. You are somewhere... else. I mean you no harm." She places the bundle in her hands onto the side of the bed.

"Do you remember who you were?" The question sounds odd, but the look on her face seems sincere.
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