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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 13 - A Lesson in Manners (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
Well that was a dumb idea. What made you think that you were a match for a towering green monster like Zarah? You only managed to get a single punch in before the troll subdued you, pinning you helplessly to her bed. If you had played nice, maybe she would have kept you alive a while before dinner, but no. You just had to fight back. It didn't take Zarah long to figure out that you weren't going to be any fun, so she decided to teach you a permanent lesson about manners. As she scolded you for your behavior, the massive troll straddled your body, her massively plump rear hovering ominously above your head. The last thing you ever saw was the glistening green lips of her pussy rapidly lowering toward you... and then darkness. You didn't last too long with a five hundred pound troll sitting on your face. In fact, Zarah lasted longer than you did, and finished herself off by grinding vigorously against your head even as your body lay limp and unmoving.

Now, as the troll gazes upon your lifeless form, her mind searches for just the right way to prepare her meal. After a moment of reflection, she nods to herself in approval. Such a nasty little thing deserves to end up in the pot. Winding up as boy-stew is the least dignified ending Zarah can think of... which is just fine by her. She sets the pot to boil and, once it's ready, tosses your naked body in head first. Humming a tune to herself, Zarah begins slicing up vegetables and throwing them in with you. Soon, the whole cavern is filled with the mouth-watering scent of cooked you. The trolls smiles to herself. Dinner time!

Sometime later, Zarah reclines on her grimy pile of rags, picking her teeth idly with one of your bones. She lets out a contented belch and chuckles. Who knew someone so rude could be so delicious? Stroking the gentle swell of her stuffed belly, Zarah wistfully recalls your panicked struggles beneath her weight. She shakes her head thinking to herself what a waste it was to kill such a juicy plaything so quickly. Gobbling up a live morsel is always so much fun... but then again, sometimes it's nice to put a meal in his place. Zarah casually picks through the pile of bones beside her until she finds your femur. A wicked grin spreads across her face as she strokes the smooth knobs at its end. Yes. This will do nicely. Zarah closes her eyes and begins to pleasure herself with your bone, moaning as she grinds against its smooth ivory surface.

What a way to go! But then again, her name is Zarah Bonegrinder!

The End

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