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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 2 - Into the Woods - By knt27 - Overview
You sigh and smile slightly as you find yourself giving in to your friend's infectious cheerfulness. "Sure, Sam. Let's get to the bottom of this mystery. It's not like brooding by myself is making me feel better anyways... we might as well go explore."

Sam quirks her mouth into a charming half-smile, her eyes sparkling a she replies sarcastically. "Oh yes. We might as well go explore. The words of a bold adventurer indeed. I think Lewis and Clark said the same thing before setting out on their journey."

Despite yourself, you find your smile widening, a chuckle escaping your lips. "Alright, have it your way. Let's blaze some trails! Have harrowing adventures! Risk life and limb for the sake of knowledge!"

"That's more like it! Come on now, intrepid explorer! Who knows what hungry beasts lurk in yon jungle? Onward! To destiny!"

You continue to chuckle as you keep pace with Samantha, the dim emerald light of the forest closing in around you. You shake your head, glancing at your friend appreciatively. "You're ridiculous, Sam. Thanks."

Samantha returns your look, mischief twinkling in her pale blue eyes. "What good is it being weirdo if you don't have weirdo friends?" You nod at this, and for a while the two of you walk in silence, appreciating the gentle noises of the forest. Occasionally, you find yourself stealing glances at your friend, confused by the fluttering in your stomach that you feel at the sight of her. As she idly twirls her silky black hair, you find yourself thinking about taking her hand in yours. You've known her since you were little, so it wouldn't be weird to hold her hand, right? Friends do that kind of thing all the time. And yet you find yourself hesitating. Sam has been your closest friend and confidant for as long as you can remember, but for all of her charming, kind, and intelligent features, she has a darker side that has always kept you at a certain distance. There are times you can remember her saying things that were clearly meant to hurt you. Times that she mocked you in front of others, taking joy in your public humiliation. And although she always found a way to make amends, you can never quite forget the delight that she clearly took in causing you pain. But you still find your heart in your throat as you watch your pale friend walking in the dappled afternoon light.

At first you wonder if it's your imagination, but as you travel through the forest, Sam seems to walk closer and closer to you. She strays from her path ever so slightly, leaning toward you almost imperceptibly at first, and then obviously as her thigh begins to brush lightly against yours with her steps. You glance over at her in confusion, but she seems oblivious to her proximity to you. Your heart thuds deafeningly in your chest as the light scent of her perfume clouds your thoughts. She's so close that you can feel her body heat. And then you find yourself jumping into air with surprise as Samantha pounces on you, tickling you wickedly until the two of you collapse exhausted in a heap, tears of laughter streaming down your cheeks. She rolls over onto her stomach and continues to breath heavily as she gazes mischievously at you, the vast contours of her chest heaving rhythmically. She plucks in annoyance at the clinging white cloth of her uniform, the taught fabric straining to contain her massive bosom. You're honestly surprised she hasn't snapped the buttons yet. Sam rolls her eyes, "These damn uniforms are too hot. Well, no one around to tell on me for breaking dress code." She cocks an eyebrow at you. "You wont, right?" You shake your head. "Good." Without hesitation, she unbuttons the top of her shirt, revealing a mesmerizing amount of cleavage. She quirks her full lips into another smirk as she catches you staring, "Yeah, keep looking you perv. Just don't be surprised if I videotape you and blackmail you next." You hang your head as you recall your current problems. Samantha cringes. "Sorry." The two of you stand and continue walking.

"It's my fault really. I mean, the dorms aren't really that private anyways." Sam shakes her head at this.

"Don't blame yourself for Hannah being a psycho. Anyways, what's the worst that could come of this? The school sees a video of you jerking off? So what! All of the guys in this school jerk off. They just don't get filmed doing it." That's Sam for you... the school's libertine-in-residence. Completely open with her sexuality and unapologetic about it. You find yourself wishing you had half of her boldness.

And yet it's so much worse than that. How could Sam understand? You flush red with shame as you recall Hannah's triumphant look as she played the video for you on her phone for the first time. She had sat across from you, her skirt hiked up just far enough to not be accidental. Stroking your face tauntingly, she had pursed her lips, giving you a condescending "tsk, tsk, tsk." You had known what she was showing you the second she pushed play. Running her hand through her silky golden hair, she had spoken your biggest secret aloud. "If I'm not mistaken, that's you jerking off to a drawing of a woman swallowing a man whole. Now, I've heard of some weird fetishes, but this is something else!" The sound of her taunting laughter still seems to echo in your ears.

You shake the memory and turn back to Sam. "It's... uh... more complicated than that."

Sam's face breaks into a silly grin of disbelief. "No! No WAY! You kinky little weirdo!" She gives you a playful smack on the ass to punctuate her disbelief. "I'm supposed to be the sexually adventurous one! You're just so... so... VANILLA! Ohmygod! You have to tell me!"

You didn't think you could blush anymore, but you manage to surprise yourself by turning a deeper shade of crimson. You mutter a denial, "No, uh... it's not like that. I mean, never mind."

Samantha pouts, accentuating her ample cleavage as she crosses her arms huffily. "You will tell me. I tell you all sorts of weird things that I fantasize about!" It's true. Even when it's clearly made you uncomfortable (maybe even especially when she sees it making you uncomfortable), Sam has always shared her desires, no matter how unconventional. She glares at your stubborn expression. "Okay... remember when I told you about that dream I had where I was queen of the world? The one where the members of the football team were my sex slaves and I tied them up and made them fuck me? Or when I told you that I fantasized about Mr. Andrews eating sushi off of my naked body? That's a fantasy about our math teacher eating sushi off of me. HOW could this be any weirder than that stuff? Just tell me."

You bite your lip as you consider her request. It might make you feel better if you told someone. But then again... you fantasize about being dominated, eaten, and digested. It doesn't get much weirder than that, and you're not sure you could handle Sam's mockery right now.
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