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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 23 - Underdressed for the Occasion - By knt27 - Overview
You trudge through the forest for what feels like ages, thoroughly exhausted from your brush with death. Although the gnarled boughs of ancient oaks block most of the sun, you're able to guess that you have at least fifteen minutes before the dinner bell summons the students to the dining commons. Ever so slowly, the primeval jungle around you transitions once more to the familiar woods that you've strolled through time and again. You pause to enjoy a moment of relief, resting your hand reassuringly upon an ordinarily narrow tree trunk. The horrifying adventures of the past hour of your life seem almost like a bad dream to you... and yet your bramble-torn skin bears the evidence of your flight. This thought draws your attention to your nakedness, and you find yourself frowning at your predicament. Losing an academy uniform is a bad enough offense... but showing up at the school's doorstep completely naked... well, you can't imagine you'll be well received. You furrow your brow with determination. Dammit, if you survived a hungry troll, you can survive this. You'll just have to climb into the boy's dorm window and sneak one of your extra uniforms, and no one will be the wiser!

Your optimism fizzles abruptly as you find yourself standing naked before Sally Cho. Right. Cross-country practice. Sally gawks at your nakedness, her pale skin flushing scarlet as her eyes drift downward, resting upon your fully exposed member. She lifts a hand to her mouth, stifling a giggle. You stammer, searching for the right words to explain your predicament, but only manage an idiotic string of nonsense. Just as you begin to ineffectively pantomime a charging troll, Rachel Hall and Kayla Norris jog up the path, skidding to an abrupt halt as they come upon you. You freeze, suddenly aware that you're surrounded by beautiful girls in sports bras and jogging shorts. Sally bites her lip and tucks a silken lock of black hair behind her ear, raising an eyebrow at your sudden silence. Kayla and Rachel merely stare, mouths agape. Both girls glisten with sweat, their chests heaving mesmerizingly as they catch their breath. You blush a deep red as you feel the stimulation of your current predicament agitating you. All three girls point and shriek at your exposed erection, calling for assistance.

"EEEEEEK!!!! Coach Hunter! Come quick!!!" With this utterance, Kayla buries her face in Rachel's long auburn hair, laughing uncontrollably. Rachel tries to keep a straight face, but her frown quickly breaks into a mocking smirk. She tosses her ponytail and rolls her eyes at you, "Ohmygawd... you are so screwed. The coach is going to kill you." Sure enough, in a few moments, Coach Hunter jogs into view, her scowl almost a fearful as the hungry troll's. The boys of the Faybrook Academy are always eager to take gym with Coach Hunter for obvious reasons. The blonde bombshell of an athlete is in her early forties, but from her looks, you'd never be able to tell. Notorious for her taught body and tiny shorts, many have tolerated her brutal workout routines for the view alone. Without a word, she steps behind you and grabs your arm, torquing it uncomfortably behind your back and urging you forward. With a groan, you shamble forward, Coach Hunter muttering threats in your ears as you proceed.

"You nasty little pervert! Walking around naked for my girls to see! Well, I'll let you know you've got you're due coming... yes you do." She pushes you onward, oblivious to the jeers of the cross-country teammates as they watch you being dragged away. "We'll just have to see what the Headmistress thinks about this!"

Kayla rolls her eyes, "What a freak." Even with these words, her gaze comes to rest hungrily upon your rigid penis. You manage one quick pleading glance at the sneering brunette before the coach drags you past her.

Even Sally Cho, who's been shy since you first met her, works up the courage to taunt you. The slim Korean girl jeers at you as you pass, shouting, "Hannah Lee told us you couldn't keep that cock in your pants! You wish you could fuck us, you perv!"

Coach Hunter smirks at this, issuing a half-hearted warning to her team, "Girls, girls! Watch your language, please!" Even as she says this, she grabs your bare ass and pushes you forward, her icy blue eyes twinkling with delight as her team roars with laughter at her inappropriate handling of you. You hang your head in shame, taking this torment willingly. On your way back toward the academy, you pass more cross-country teammates who stop to stare and laugh and your nudity. Somehow, the shame of being exposed to your classmates only heightens your arousal, and you find yourself increasingly rigid with each girl you pass. Coach Hunter, noticing your excitement, bats disapprovingly at your penis, grinning when her reprimand only stimulates you further. As you pass the treeline and begin climbing the steps to the Academy, the coach leans close to you and whispers, "So, tell me... how does a boy like you end up naked in the Faybrook Woods?"

You're heart skips a beat as you consider her question. Should you tell the truth? Gorlak is out there... and dangerous! But, won't you sound more than a little crazy talking about man-eating trolls?! What do you do?
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