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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 27 - Headmistress Jade - By knt27 - Overview
You step into the office, shutting the door behind you. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the gloom, as there's only one small window in the room and it's a stained glass rosette high on the wall. You think it odd that the head of Faybrook Academy would keeps such gloomy quarters, but with her reputation, you'd hardly be surprised if Allison Jade slept in a coffin underground. A desk lamp clicks on, revealing your surroundings. The office is painted a dark burgundy, its walls lined with bookshelves housing countless dusty leather tomes. Several macabre ornaments decorate the room, including a stuffed bat (you wonder about the sanity of the taxidermist that put such a ferocious grimace on the animal), several antique medieval weapons, and a human skull.

Headmistress Jade stands before her wide mahogany desk, watching you with a steady gaze. Rather than her signature pencil skirt, today the Headmistress wears a tight black button-up dress, a belt with a golden buckle engraved with what appears to be some kind of ancient symbol (Egyptian?), and her usual pentagram pendant. Faybrook Academy isn't a religious private school, but you've always thought it odd that the parents have never objected to the Headmistress's unconventional faith. She never speaks of its significance, but you've never her seen her without this pendant. Her jet black hair is tied up in a bun, two pens thrust into the tangle of midnight locks. She peers at you calmly over her glasses, her pale green eyes piercing in their intensity. You shift uncomfortably. You had anticipated anger... outrage. The kind of reaction you might expect from a headmistress watching an unruly student wander into their office completely naked. But this deadly silence has every nerve in your body screaming at you to turn and run. You're painfully aware of the hard-on that Coach Hunter gave you, and you shield your privates in the hope that it will go unnoticed. No such luck.

"Young man, when you stand before your Headmistress, you will stand up straight and proper! Back straight, eyes front, hands at your sides! Am I understood?" She barely whispers this command, and yet the deep bewitching voice that rolls out from between her crimson lips fills the room as if shouted. You face feels hot as you flush several dark shades of red, but you obey. Your lip quivers slightly as you place your hands at your sides, your rigid shaft now fully exposed to Headmistress Jade. It doesn't help that the Headmistress is a stunningly beautiful woman... although she's in her mid-forties, she commands the kind of sexual presence that could make any man with a pulse stand at attention. Is that--? It is. One of Allison Jade's rare moments of laughter. She saunters forward a few steps, her wide hips swaying hypnotically as she considers you. "Tsk, tsk, tsk... such a display is unfit for a student of the Academy. I'm guessing you have some kind of an explanation for me?" You swallow dryly, remembering Coach Hunter's words. This is going to be rough.

You take a deep breath and tell the Headmistress every detail of your misadventures in the woods. To your surprise, she doesn't immediately dismiss you, but prompts you with detailed questions instead. After several minutes of this interrogation, you've told her every miniscule detail about Gorlak and the strange places in the forest that you saw. She nods, satisfied.

For a moment, you think it's possible that Headmistress Jade believes at least some of what you've told her. Everything might end up okay after all! Unfortunately, the next words from her lips dashes this hope to bits. Her upper lip curls into the most spiteful of sneers as she looks down upon you, "How dare you come into my office and tell me such idiotic fantasies! And for what? To excuse your perverted need to run around exposing yourself to the girls of my school! And then you stroll into my office to wave your erection about and tell stories! Well, I'll have you know, young man, there will be consequences!" She barely raises her voice, and yet you feel your knees turn to jelly beneath you.

You stammer an apology, not even thinking about the words that spill out of your mouth as you speak them, "P-p-please Headmistress Jade! Don't ex-ex-expel me!"

Allison Jade regards you coldly for a long minute, squinting as she weighs her options. After what feels like an eternity, the Headmistress turns away and walks back to her desk. Despite yourself, you find yourself checking out the Headmistress's ample backside as it jiggles before you. Leaning against the desk's mahogany surface, Headmistress Jade twirls a lock of midnight silk between her fingers and bites her lip. Without a word, she reaches a hand up and begins undoing the top buttons of her dress. Snap! Snap! Snap! She stops just below her breasts, giving you a meaningful look as her ample cleavage heaves before you. "Now, I could just take into the sub-basement to get you a replacement uniform and find a suitable punishment later... my best guess is that you'd be expelled before sunrise tomorrow. Or we could find some other kind of arrangement, right here and now. An arrangement no one need ever know about." With these words, she undoes the bottom buttons of her dress. Snap! Snap! Snap! She parts her legs, revealing the lacy black thong beneath. Your jaw nearly hits the floor with astonishment, your penis throbbing at her invitation. Is the Headmistress of Faybrook Academy trying to seduce you?!!? Or is this just a trap to get you into more trouble? Do you give into her advances, or journey into the sub-basement to get your new uniform and have done with it?

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