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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 4 - Alone in Nature - By knt27 - Overview
"I'd rather be alone for a while. You go on ahead, I'll probably just walk around for a bit and then go back to the dining commons soon."

Samantha shakes her head and shrugs. "Whatever. Just don't mope for too long... Hannah's a bitch, but she's not smarter than us. When I get back, we'll figure out your problem together. Just try not to beat off in front of any cameras for a while."

"Not funny."

Samantha grins and winks at you. "Maybe a little. See you in a bit." With that, she turns and walks into the forest, the dappled light cast by the canopy shining on her ivory skin like tiny stars. Once again, you find yourself staring, the thick curves of her backside visibly jiggling beneath the fabric of her skirt as she walks. Once she's out of site, you pull your hand from your pocket and glare accusingly at the tent in your pants.


You glance around, alone once more, and decide to set out in different direction from Samantha. You pick a small deer trail to the side of the main path. The Faybrook Woods are old, but they're hardly big enough to warrant serious concern over getting lost. As you enter the woods, you feel as if you're stepping into a distant time. Thick green moss carpets the forest floor, and the knotted roots of enormous oak trees twist into serpentine masses that twist treacherously underfoot. You've hardly entered the woods before the ancient trunks surround you, blocking out any view of the academy. Good. You really don't want to think about the problems waiting for you back at the school. It's bad enough being bullied by the boys in your dorm... and now you have one of the most popular girls at school blackmailing you. You grit your teeth as you recall Hannah's triumphant look as she played the video for you on her phone for the first time. She had sat across from you, her skirt hiked up just far enough to not be accidental. Stroking your face tauntingly, she had pursed her lips, giving you a condescending "tsk, tsk, tsk." You had known what she was showing you the second she pushed play. Running her hand through her silky golden hair, she had spoken your biggest secret aloud. "If I'm not mistaken, that's you jerking off to a drawing of a woman swallowing a man whole. Now, I've heard of some weird fetishes, but this is something else!" The sound of her taunting laughter still seems to echo in your ears. You shake your head and banish these thoughts. This is why you came into the woods. To escape having to worry about Hannah's cruelty.

After about a half hour of walking, the deer trail ends at a small gurgling stream. The water looks cool and inviting, and you imagine how good it would feel to take off your shoes and soak your feet for a bit. The deer trail doesn't seem to pick up on the other side of the stream, so you figure you could walk upstream for a bit before heading back. Even as this thought crosses your mind, a small flash of light crosses your peripheral vision. You snap your head and gaze intently into the shadowed depths of the forest. Nothing. You must have imagined it--- and then again! A small glowing pulse of blue light. You gape in awe. Samantha was right. Whatever it is, it isn't fireflies. The light blinks again, this time further away. It's retreating deeper into the woods. If you dash after it now, you might be able to catch it...
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