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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 45 - Dangerous Wildlife (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
Without a moment of hesitation, you turn and sprint off into the woods. You're fairly certain that you can outrun Samantha, as she's shorter than you and wearing heels... but you still don't dare look behind you. Something in her predatory nature warns you that you won't be safe until you've lost her for good. Bushes lash against your naked skin, stinging you as you tear through the woods. Although you cringe in pain, your bare feet slamming into pine cones and rocks, you push yourself forward. As foliage passes you in a green blur, you start to notice the forest darkening around you, the vine-choked canopy growing denser with every step. Strange bird calls echo through the Faybrook Wood's shadowed glades, warping into disturbing screeches as they bounce off of the shaggy trunks of the forest. At last you stop, your naked body glistening with sweat. You gasp for air, leaning against the gnarled trunk of an oak tree as you rest. Your head spins as you assess your situation; you can hardly believe the events of the past hour. Your best friend tried to eat you! Your darkest fantasy almost became a reality, and you ran away. Unsure of whether to feel relieved or frustrated, you sit down on the mossy forest floor and sigh.

Just as you start to let your mind wander, the sound of something sliding along the trunk above you reaches your ears. You jump to your feet, ready to flee once more, but feel the heavy weight of scaly coils dropping around your shoulders. You stagger beneath the weight of the python as it entwines itself around your naked body. You're forced to your knees as the snake tightens its grip on you, its powerful muscles pressing into your flesh. It raises its head until it faces you, and then, to your complete astonishment, it speaks.

"Sssssuch a tassssty boy. Humanssss that wander thissss far into the woodssss mussst want to become my sssssupper!"

You cry out as the snake squeezes tighter. "NO! Please! I don't want to be eaten!" The python gives you amused expression that's unsettling to see on a snake's face.

"Oh? Sssso you don't enjoy thissss?" The python twists its body, wrapping its coils around your half-erect penis. You gasp in surprise, your sudden arousal obvious. "Ssssneaky boy... you can't fool me."

"No, I don't--" Your words are cut short as the python lunges, enveloping your head in the slimy grip of its maw. You struggle in vain, only to find powerful coils holding you in place as you're swallowed alive. Your screams are muffled by slippery flesh as the python begins to gobble you up, inch-by-inch. The snake takes its time eating you, reaching your waist after at least ten minutes of swallowing. To your shame, you feel your cock pulsing with arousal as it slides into the python's gullet. After a half hour of humiliation, the last of you disappears into the snake. Nothing remains of you but a wriggling bulge in the python's midsection.

After a few hours, you black out... but your body continues to digest over the next few days. Eventually, all of you has been absorbed into the scaly predator that swallowed you, and your the python slithers away happily into the Faybrook Woods. Oops! You should have been more careful!

The End

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