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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 57 - Meeting Ambrosia - By knt27 - Overview
Startled by the strange voice, you let out a high pitched yelp and almost find yourself jumping into Sam's arms. Your friend retains her composure considerably better than you, even going so far as to roll her eyes at your unmanly display. And then, as the mysterious intruder saunters into view, the two of you gape, left completely speechless by the sight before you. The source of the voice is to all appearances, most completely, undeniably not human. The creature, which is clearly female, stands at roughly the same height at Sam, but instead of sharing your friend's pale complexion, has bright green skin that glistens as if it were wet. The monster's head is that of a gigantic frog with disconcertingly human features. You can't help but notice the shapely curves of this frog-woman's body as her wide hips and chubby midsection lead your eyes up to the heaving contours of her exposed breasts. Your face flushes red as you find yourself oddly aroused by this creature's brazen nakedness. When the frog-woman's brilliant amber eyes come to rest on you, you feel the sudden urge to hide from the wanton hunger in her gaze.

Sam speaks first, her shocked expression giving way to a wild grin, “I knew it! We're not in the Faybrook Woods anymore! This is another dimension, and this... this is an alien!

The frog-woman speaks, her voice seductive and throaty, yet punctuated by periodic croaking sounds, “I am not an alien. Errribit! I'm one of the Fae. A nixie to be precise.”

Sam looks genuinely puzzled by the creature's response. “A... fairy? Really?”

“Well, not a fairy, not really. I'm nothing like those snobbish little pixies and sprites, always manipulating stronger critters into doing their dirty work for them! No, no. I rather like doing the dirty work myself.” As she speaks these last words, she shoots you a steamy look, virtually devouring you with her eyes. “But I am a being of the realm of the Fae. Errribit! Which begs the question... what are two humans doing stumbling around in Fae?”

Sam grips your shoulder in excitement and lets out a gleeful squeal, “Ohmygod!!! No way! Are you telling me that my friend and I accidentally stumbled into the land of fairies?!”

The creature shakes its head in amazement, “Oh my. You really don't have any idea what kind of danger you're in! But then I guess that's why it's lucky you found me! My name's Ambrosia, and I'd be happy to show you the way out of Fae.” She stares straight at Sam as she places this strange emphasis on the word you. For a moment, you almost feel as if she's implying that you might be left behind. “Us girls really have to look out for each other, you know!”

You interject, “Hey, what about me, huh?”

The frog-woman's eyes twinkle mischievously as she turns to you, “Oh, don't you worry. I'm always on the lookout for tasty young morsels like yourself. Hahahaha! Errrrrrribit!!!” You're not sure you understand her joke, but something about her tone makes you incredibly nervous. Sam looks back and forth between the two of you, assessing the bizarre tension that's mounting between you and Ambrosia. You see a spark of mischief burning behind your friend's icy blue eyes, her mouth twisting into a half-grin that spells endless amounts of trouble. Every time you've seen this look on Sam's face, it's ended poorly for you.

Sam clears her throat, drawing Ambrosia's attention back to her, “Did, um... did I hear you ask how much he costs? When you first stepped out of the reeds?”

Ambrosia's abnormally wide mouth spreads into a wicked smirk, “Why yes you did, my dear. I'd very much like to have him, you know.”

Sam glances over to you, a strange look of feral amusement on her face, “What, um... well, what exactly do you want him for?”

“Why, for dinner of course!”

The three of you stand perfectly still for a moment, these last words hanging heavily in the air around you. You turn toward Sam, ready for her to give the signal so that the two of you can flee. To your horror, instead of running, your friend grabs you firmly by the wrist and plants her feet. She gives you an apologetic look and shrugs before continuing her conversation with Ambrosia.

“What exactly would you give for him?”

“Didn't your mother ever tell you about nixies, dear? We always pay in gold.” With this, Ambrosia stoops to the mud beneath her feet and uncovers a handful of shining gold coins. Brushing the slime from her cache, she raises it for Sam's inspection. Even at a distance, you recognize the glint of authentic gold. In fact, these appear to be an ancient coinage of some sort. “Spanish coins, dear. Very old... and the tasty men that once carried it won't ever come looking for it! Errrribit!

You can't stay silent any longer. You turn to Sam and shout, “What the HELL Sam!? We've got to get out of here! Run!!!” To your dismay, your friend merely tightens her grip on you.

Ambrosia saunters toward you, stopping less than five feet away. She swings her hips back and forth as she looks you up and down, “Now, now, my tasty little boy. Where's your sense of adventure? Who's to say you won't like being my dinner? Errrribit!” She snakes a glistening green hand down to the swell of her belly and begins to rub its contours seductively, “I suppose that the other ones all screamed and begged and wept, but things could be different for you. Probably not... but there's only one way to find out. Besides...” She grabs one of the rolls on her curvaceous belly and moans, “You'd look great in green!” You feel a tightness in your throat as you choke back your horror. And yet, despite the rising panic that hammers in your chest, the stiffness in your pants is plain for all to see.

Glancing down at your erection, Sam crows triumphantly, “I KNEW it! You are a horny little wierdo! I just knew you couldn't be that much of a square!”

Ambrosia whispers throatily, barely loud enough to be heard, “So, Samantha of Faybrook... do we have a deal?”

Your heart skips a beat as Sam replies without a moment's hesitation, “Deal.”

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