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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 60 - Playing With her Food - By knt27 - Overview
In a flash decision, you bolt for the trees. You push yourself to run as fast as possible, but somewhat embarrassingly, your arousal slows you down. Your rigid cock bounces ridiculously as you flee, hitting the bare flesh of your thighs with an audible rhythm of smack, smack, smack, smack! Just as you reach the nearest tree, a blur of green rockets by, and you almost stumble into Ambrosia. You turn again, sprinting in another direction (smack, smack, smack!), but the nixie hops directly over your head and lands in front of you. Her amused smirk confirms your fears; she's toying with her food. You turn again (smack, smack!), but find yourself cut off once more. By your fourth escape attempt, you begin to stumble with exhaustion. Somewhere to your left, you hear Sam wildly giggling at your misfortune. You cry out in desperation, your voice choked with panic.

“Please! No... just let me go! I don't want to die!” You stumble slightly, your terror swelling within you as Ambrosia bounces into view once more. Shame and despair fills you as it occurs to you that your erection may have been the difference between life and death. If you hadn't been so turned-on by your predicament, you might have been fast enough to escape! And, as you stare into Ambrosia's hungry eyes, her unnaturally long tongue licking her lips in anticipation, you realize that there might not be a way out of this situation. You feel your cock quiver in excitement at this fatalistic thought. But still, you can't just stand here and let yourself get eaten, right? If you want to survive, you have to fight for it!

You tense your muscles as you prepare to run once more, but before you can act, Ambrosia opens her abnormally wide mouth and sends the sticky length of her tongue flying toward you. You hardly have time to scream before it wraps around your wrist and drags you to your knees. You try to pull free, but the muscle holds you tight. You hear Sam approaching you from behind, her chuckles continuing to taunt you. Your friend bends down next to you, her enormous breasts brushing against your shoulder as she whispers in your ear.

“This is amazing. I mean, look at that tongue!” She fondles your cock teasingly as she speaks, “Aren't you just dying to feel it against your skin as she eats you? She seems like she's had some experience with men. I bet she can do incredible things to a boy like you with a tongue like that!” She extends her own tongue and licks your cheek, leaving a wet line of saliva on your face. “I can do some pretty interesting things with my tongue too. But I guess you'll never get to experience that, will you? But you want to. You've wanted to for a long time.”

“Sam... yes. I've had feelings for you since I first knew I liked girls! I want to be with you! You're my best friend... but we could be more! I've always been there for you. I've listened, I've helped you when you were down, I've stood by you. Don't let this be how things end! You know how I feel about you!”

Ambrosia holds perfectly still as she watches this exchange, amusement dancing in her eyes as drool dribbles down her chin. Sam rolls your balls in her hand thoughtfully as she considers your words.

“Hmm... that was really touching.” She punctuates the word touching by grabbing your penis forcefully. “But, no. You're cute enough, but you're kind of... well, pathetic. Sure, you're loyal, but so are dogs. Come to think of it, I've always considered you my pet. A dumb little toy that I lead around on a leash.” Her words drip with disdain as she begins to rub your cock more forcefully. “You think I didn't know how you felt? You've been drooling over me for ages! So, yes... this is how things are going to end. Ambrosia here is going to gobble you up, us girls are going to have some fun together while you digest, and then you're going to be shit out and forgotten. Turned into the miserable turd I've always known you to be.” She smiles sweetly after these last words, kisses you on the cheek, and stands up. Sam exchanges a look with Ambrosia, and then they both nod in understanding. You swallow dryly, the meaning of their look clear as day. Your fate is sealed.
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