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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 61 - Playtime's Not Over Yet - By knt27 - Overview
Bound by the slimy coil of Ambrosia's tongue, you're tugged forward like fish being reeled in. Still on your knees, you awkwardly shuffle across the moss-covered ground, trying not to fall flat on your face. As another tug of her tongue pulls you closer, tears begin to fill your eyes. You've been stripped, tormented, and sold for food... and you're not even afforded the dignity of walking to your doom. It almost makes you want to give up. Not that your will to survive has done you any good anyways.

In an attempt to avoid Ambrosia's piercing gaze, you lower your eyes to her salivating maw instead. She lets out a giggle of sadistic glee and opens her mouth even wider in response. The slimy cavern of her throat yawns before you, the darkness beyond stirring your imagination. You begin to imagine what it might feel like to be eaten... to be drawn into the humid blackness of Ambrosia's gullet, slurped up inch by inch and forced into the churning prison of her belly. You shiver, a small thrill of excitement coursing through you, but the thought of your agonizing death also awakens your sense of self-preservation. You thrash and kick in vain, trying to reverse your relentless march toward Ambrosia's maw.

Unfazed by your futile struggles, Ambrosia continues to draw you forward at a leisurely pace. Hearing the unexpected sound of a stifled gasp, you turn your head to look behind you. To your surprise, you see Sam leaning against a nearby tree, skirt hiked up around her pale thighs, her hand moving rhythmically inside her panties. She watches you closely with half-lidded eyes, drinking in your terror and humiliation. You turn back to Ambrosia, almost within arm's reach at this point. Squatting down to your level, she parts her legs in a shockingly indecent display. Her eyes twinkle mischievously as she exposes herself to you, inviting you to stare at the plump folds of her pussy. The smooth green lips of her labia appear almost swollen, and you find yourself wondering how many men have fattened them over the centuries. As this thought crosses your mind, she pulls you into her waiting arms. Grabbing hold of you, she retracts her tongue and sends an arc of slime splashing across your chest and face as it whips back into her mouth. You recoil in disgust, but she holds you fast.

Chuckling softly, Ambrosia observes, “You know, if a little drool grosses you out, you're not going to like where you're headed at all! Errribit!” You try to push her away, but find that the nixie's strength far exceeds your own. It's pointless to resist. You tremble like a leaf as you await the inevitable embrace of the frog-woman's maw. To your surprise, she doesn't cram your head into her mouth, but forces you to the ground instead. Ambrosia beckons Sam to join her, and your friend eagerly obeys. Soon, the two women pin you down, with Ambrosia straddling your waist and Sam holding your arms. Ambrosia's grin widens as she leers triumphantly down at you, “So... how about we have some fun?”

“W-what are you going to do to me?”

Ambrosia winks at Sam, “Isn't it obvious? Boys are only good for two things... snacking and fucking.” Sam giggles slightly at this, her face lighting up with a devious grin. The frog-woman continues, “Errrrrribit! I never let a good cock go to waste, so we're going to play with it a little before I turn it into fat on my thighs! Unless you'd rather skip to the messy part first--?”

You're breath catches, and you feel as if a huge weight is pressing in around your heart. You manage to shake your head slightly and squeak out, “N-no. You can p-play with it. I don't m-mind.” Your voice comes out as barely a whisper, but both Sam and Ambrosia titter with amusement at your response. Ambrosia leans forward slowly until her face is inches from your own. You flush red, your mind going blank as you feel the swell of her breasts press up against you, her hardened nipples pushing against the bare skin of your chest. With a playful wiggle of her hips, Ambrosia teasingly rubs her ass against your rigid cock. Slowly, the nixie moves down your torso, licking and nibbling her way from your face to your waist. As she wraps her tongue around your penis, you arch your back and gasp in ecstasy. Sliding your shaft between her lips, Ambrosia begins to pump her head up and down as she molests you. Your cheeks burn red with shame as your eyes meet Sam's, but your friend only grins maniacally in return. In fact, you can't remember the last time she's looked this pleased with herself. Deciding to join in the fun, Samantha scoots closer to your waist and begins to gently roll your balls in her hand as Ambrosia sucks and slurps away. She keeps glancing up at you, clearly enjoying your alternating looks of helpless confusion, horror, and ecstasy. After a minute or so, she stands up, biting her lip seductively and devouring you with her lustful gaze. Reaching beneath her skirt, Sam pulls her panties down around her ankles. Daintily, she steps out of them, leaving the lacy pink thong lying in the dirt. Ambrosia looks up, a shimmering line of saliva dribbling from her lower lip, and grins at her partner in crime.

“Would you care to take over for a bit, dear?”

Sam nods eagerly, “You bet your ass I do!”

Ambrosia stands and walks over to Sam. Without a moments hesitation, the two women embrace, their lips pressing together as their tongues entwine. The nixie is surprisingly delicate with her wide mouth and unnaturally long tongue, and your friend moans softly at Ambrosia's experienced maneuvers. It occurs to you that you're lying on the ground with nothing to prevent you from running, but instead of bolting, you watch transfixed as your best friend makes out with a green skinned frog-woman. You surprise yourself when you begin stroking your cock as you watch. Sam runs her fingers along the contours of Ambrosia's massive breasts, giving the soft flesh a squeeze before toying with the nixie's dark green nipples. Ambrosia returns Sam's forwardness in kind by reaching beneath your friend's skirt. Her fingers explore for a moment before finding just the right spot, and then she begins moving her hand with rhythmic certainty. Sam's eyelids flutter and she slumps slightly in Ambrosia's arms, clearly weak in the knees from the intensity of sensation. Satisfied that she's prepared her understudy, Ambrosia pushes Sam toward you with a salacious wink.

Your friend appears almost shy as she straddles you. Perhaps, like you, she's recalling your relationship over the years, wondering how things have led to this. You have trouble reconciling your current situation with years of unrequited longing, gazing at your best friend from a distance, wondering what it might be like to share a truly intimate moment. And now, shrouded by the pleats of her skirt, Sam's pussy hovers over your rigid penis, ready to consummate this twisted and morbid end to your friendship. Her thoughtful expression cracks into a devious half-smile as she shrugs off whatever reservations she might have had. She quietly mutters, “Sorry dude.” and then lowers herself onto you, gasping as your cock slides into the warmth and wetness between her legs. For the next hour, Sam and Ambrosia take turns riding you, happily bouncing up and down on your swollen penis as they taunt you with jokes about your messy fate to come. Sometimes they face you, carefully watching your expression as they tease you, giggling with delight every time a look of horror or fear crosses your face. But just as often, they ride you in reverse. Ambrosia instigates this, proudly showing off her round green posterior before lowering herself onto your cock. Between gasps of pleasure, she cheerily reminds you that she'll soon be squeezing your steaming remains from between these cheeks. As you picture this, you're rewarded with a familiar mixture of shame and titillating excitement. When the girls switch out, Sam follows suit, displaying the pale freckled skin of her perfect ass as she hikes up her skirt and takes your cock inside of her. The sound of flesh slapping flesh is constant, and your captors' plump backsides jiggle with every thrust. You feel as if you're ready to burst, your whole body electrified with arousal in spite of your humiliating situation, and yet the two women always keep you on the edge of orgasm, forcing you to hold back again and again.

Finally, when you feel like you couldn't possibly hold back any longer, Ambrosia lets your cock slide out of her. It stands at attention, swollen and pulsing as you ache for one of your captors to mount you again. The frog-woman licks her lips suggestively, teasing her nipples as she gazes down at you.

Errrrribit! You like these tits, don't you, my horny little snack?” You nod dumbly. “Good. Good. You'd like to become part of them wouldn't you? To give up your life as a living, breathing boy to become a bit of fat on my chest?” Your head is foggy from all of the sex, but you immediately respond by shaking your head vigorously.

“No... please...”

Ambrosia pouts and glances over at Sam, “I think he's lying, don't you?”

Samantha gives one of Ambrosia's breasts a squeeze and nods, “You do have some fantastic tits.” She looks down at you, “And like I said... he is pretty pathetic as a boy. I think becoming part of your body would be quite the improvement. He probably thinks so too.” She bites her lips as she strikes a thoughtful pose. “Yeah... he's lying.”

Ambrosia gives you a wide smile. “Just as I thought. But in the name of fairness, we should probably put it to the test.” With this, she presses her breasts together around your penis, gently sliding your shaft back and forth in her cleavage. You shudder involuntarily, relishing the sensation with every nerve in your body. Ambrosia purrs softly to you as she massages your cock with her massive bust, “If you want to live, all you have to do is keep yourself from cumming. But... if you'd rather become part of these tits, go ahead and squirt your load all over them.” Her piercing gaze locks with your own, a look of sadistic mirth dancing behind her amber eyes, “I know it's what you really want. You're just aching to be gobbled up. Mmm... go ahead, coat me with your warm sticky cum. Show me how much you want to die. You can't hold back, can you?” Your mind races as you try to distract yourself from the incredible feeling of your cock sliding back and forth between her tits. You glance over at Sam who watches with rapt attention, but find that her dispassionate amusement only stokes the fire within you. Shutting your eyes, you conjure up the most gruesome images of your fate to come that you can imagine. Your body melting into a slurry of digestive goop, bones shattered by the powerful muscles of Ambrosia's gut. Your stinking remains lying forgotten on the lake shore, flies buzzing around the pile of shit that you've become. Instead of lessening your desire, these thoughts cause your darkest fantasies to blaze to life within you. You open your eyes, pressure building in your groin, and watch the head of your penis pop in and out of Ambrosia's cleavage. This is it. In a few hours, you're body is going to become a part of this chubby green woman's curves. You'll be nothing but fat on her tits. You hold your breath, gasping and arching your back as stars fill you vision. You feel yourself cumming, white sticky fluid squirting onto Ambrosia's green chest as she continues to massage your penis between her tits. You cum harder than you've ever cum before, the whole world narrowing to one erotic point. You hear someone shouting something, only to realize it's the sound of your own voice.

Oh God!!! Fucking eat me! Ohhhh!!! I want to die inside of you!” As the waves of pleasure pass, a sickening feeling settles in around you. Oh, no. What did you just say? You feel the icy grip of fear take hold of you once more. Ambrosia casually dips her finger into the sticky mess that coats her chest and lifts it to her mouth for a taste. She licks her lips in approval and nods.

“Well, well. I guess he wants to die after all.” She snickers and gives Samantha a knowing look, “If you insist.” With that, she places a finger on your chest. There's a momentary flash of heat at the point of contact followed by a shimmering violet light that pulses once and disappears. Ambrosia turns to Sam and calmly explains, “Us nixies don't have too much magic, but we know to use it when it counts. You'll see that this spell has made my dinner here much more cooperative.” You try prove her wrong, to struggle and break free, but find that you can't bring yourself to do it. You turn your head from side to side and then wiggle your fingers... you're not paralyzed, but you can't seem to resist or flee Ambrosia. Your voice trembles as you look back and forth between the two women.


Ambrosia smirks, “Please? Well, since you asked so nicely. What was it you said a moment ago? Oh, right... 'fucking eat me.' Well, I think we both know that I'm happy to oblige.” She gives you a long assessing look and then cheerfully declares, “Feet first. Yes, that way we can give the lady here a show she'll remember!” She winks and Sam and then scoots herself down your body until her lips rest against your bare feet. You sit up, unable to act on the rising panic you feel, and watch as Ambrosia scoops your feet into her unnaturally wide mouth. You shudder at the sensation, her slippery gullet pulsing around your ankles as she greedily shovels you into her maw. She relishes your taste, her tongue undulating against your skin, taking in the rich flavors of her meal. Your eyes widen with horror as she begins to work her way up your legs.

It seems that you only have one choice left...
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