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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 62 - The Dining Habits of Nixies - By knt27 - Overview
You let out a little whimper of dismay, but the effects of Ambrosia's spell keep you from putting up much more of a protest than this. Sam sits beside you, watching transfixed as the frog-woman slurps up another few inches of your legs. Casually, your friend begins to toy with your now mostly-flaccid penis. Having been robbed of your ability to flee or struggle, you're forced to watch helplessly as you're eaten alive... an experience that you find curiously sensual. The slimy embrace of Ambrosia's throat pulses against your bare skin, drawing you in deeper with every swallow. Soon, her rubbery green lips slide over your knees, and she begins to work her way up your thighs. A tiny shiver of perverse excitement courses through your body as your feet are squeezed into her belly. You feel your cock swell and stiffen in anticipation of your inevitable demise, prompting squeal of delight from Sam, who tightens her grip on your shaft as she continues fondling you. Ambrosia lets out a low moan of enjoyment, swirling her tongue around your legs as she slides closer to your waist. As she draws nearer to your rigid penis, Sam releases her grip, smiling wickedly as she watches Ambrosia's lips inch closer and closer to your groin. It's not long before her tongue begins to lap hungrily at your balls, your cock resting comically across her face and forehead. Ambrosia goes cross-eyed for a moment, focusing on the morsel before her, and then pushes herself forward, bending your shaft back against your stomach as she slurps up another few inches of her meal. With an audible gulp! she gobbles your penis up whole. You gasp at the sensation, rocking your hips slightly as the sticky embrace of Ambrosia's throat massages your erection. You're torn between horror and ecstasy, unsure of whether to plead for mercy or to beg for more. Confused by these feelings, you search your captors' faces for answers, your eyes darting back and forth between Ambrosia's ravenous stare and Samantha's confident smirk of superiority. Your best friend and this green-skinned fairy woman have toyed with you, played their perverse games with your body, and fanned the flames of your darkest and most secret desires, exploiting your need to be used and ruined. After all of this, they've almost broken your will to survive. Almost. You hold on tight to the tiny part of your mind that's still searching for a way out of this mess. The part of you that silently screams in protest, a nagging reminder that, despite any depraved pleasure you might take in being eaten, you're going to die a horrible death if you don't escape. And as Ambrosia's lips slide over your belly-button, it's this instinctual sense of self-preservation that drives you to abandon your last shred of dignity and beg.

“Oh God... no. Not like this.” You glance up at Sam with a piteously tearful look. Your best friend returns your gaze with an expression of cool amusement. You search her face hopefully, but find no sign of sympathy. You always knew she had a sadistic streak, but never quite realized how twisted she was until this moment. You push on regardless, “I don't want to die. Please, Sam! I'm not ready! I don't want to be eaten!” Ambrosia continues to slurp and nibble her way up your torso. She runs her hands across the growing bulge in her belly as her lips slide up to your chest. You begin to panic. “No, no, NO!!! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Do something Sam! For the love of God, she's eating me!”

Sam chuckles and whispers in a throaty voice that drips with disdain, “You sure talk a lot for food. Be a good morsel and let my friend here finish her meal in peace.” She winks at you and adds in a more casual tone, “I mean, really, dude. You practically creamed your pants when Ambrosia said she was going to eat you. You're fucking loving this.”

“No... you don't understand! It was just a fantasy! I don't actually want to die! Please don't let me die! I don't want to-- MMMFFF!” Sam silences you by lowering herself onto your face, smothering you with the lips of her pussy. You struggle to breathe, thrashing in panic as your friend's weight presses down on your head. Sam grinds against you, alternating between maniacal laughter and gasps of pleasure. Just as your vision begins to darken, she raises herself slightly, permitting you to draw a ragged breath into your burning lungs. No longer suffocating, your attention returns to the frog-woman that's swallowing you whole. You feel a jolt of alarm when you realize she's gobbling you up more quickly than before. Your skin prickles with goosebumps as her maw passes over your nipples. Samantha's skirt is draped over your head, so you can't see much, but you hear your friend's next command loud and clear.

“Lick me.”

Despite the desperation and terror of your predicament, you obediently begin to lick and swirl your tongue between Sam's legs. You're rewarded with the sound of shallow gasps and moans above you. Ambrosia's lips slide over your chest with a wet sucking noise, soon encircling your neck. Your arms stick out awkwardly above your head, hands grasping in vain for something, anything that you could use to pull yourself free. You tremble in fear, your heart a jack-hammer in your chest, and still you pleasure Samantha with your tongue. After everything she's done to you... after selling you, mocking you, molesting you, and now feeding you to this monster... after all of this, you just want to please your best friend. You realize how pathetic this is, but you can't seem to make yourself care. You'd do anything to make her happy, even though she regards you as little more than a disposable plaything. She owns you, body and soul, and has for a long time. It's only now that you realize that she's known this longer than you have. In fact, if it weren't for your feelings toward Sam, you're fairly certain you might have survived this encounter. Just as you're struck with this epiphany, Samantha dismounts your face to watch Ambrosia's lips slide slowly over your head. She bats her ice-blue eyes at you, her pale freckled cheeks dimpled with a wide grin, and waves goodbye. And just like that, you're enveloped in slimy darkness.

For the next minute, this disorienting world of slippery flesh and complete blackness pulses against your face, slurping and gulping noises emanating from all around you. You feel your arms being sucked up like noodles, and then, with a noisy GULP! Ambrosia draws the last of her meal into her throat. It's not long before the last of you slides into the cramped and acrid prison of the nixie's belly. You're forced into a tightly curled ball, the slimy walls of Ambrosia's stomach grinding and churning against you, methodically working digestive fluids into your bare skin. The sounds of digestion surround you, sloshing and gurgling noises forming the soundtrack to your demise.

Ambrosia rubs her bulging midsection with satisfaction, licking her lips as she enjoys the lingering flavors of her meal. Sam stares with wide-eyed wonder at the frog-woman's distended belly, giggling with disbelief every time a small movement within causes it to jiggle. The nixie gives Sam a mischievous look and then lets forth a gut-rumbling belch. BUUUUUUUURRRP!!! She smacks her lips, clearly pleased with herself, and then proclaims:


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