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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 9 - Troll Food (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
Without hesitation, to turn and run, clumsily splashing in the water as you struggle to escape the ravenous monster behind you. You make it three paces before slipping on a loose rock and splashing face first into the stream. You frantically try to right yourself only to end up on your back looking up into Gorlak's sneering face. He stands over your prone form triumphantly, reaching down to grab your legs and effortlessly lift you into the air. The next thing you know, you're hanging upside down, weakly struggling as the troll taunts you with a wicked chuckle.

You vainly hope that this is a dream... surely this isn't how you, a regular boy, leaves the world. Surely this isn't how a normal high school junior dies... as a troll snack. The absurdity of your situation strikes you and you find yourself joining in Gorlak's laughter, your giggles tinged with hysteria. Suddenly, your laughter dies in your chest and you hang perfectly still in the troll's grip. You nervously clear your throat and ask the obvious.

"Um... Gorlak? What will we be having for dinner?"

"You won't be doing any eating tonight. You see, I'm not really having you as a dinner guest... I'll be having you as the main course." A thrill of terror sends shivers down your spine as he finally voices his intent. "You know, it really was kind of you to pop by just in time for my evening meal. It's not even Ostra yet, and humans are already wandering into my realm! Har, har, har! And most boys your age aren't nearly so excited to become food for the fair folk. Every couple of decades I catch a human in the Fairy Brook Woods, but they always scream and cry. You on the other hand..." The troll gestures to your penis, still rigid in the face of an inevitable demise. "Well you'll be my first meal that's enjoyed being gobbled up, but I suspect I might like that for a change." The troll's belly grumbles loudly in anticipation. "Hmm... that's enough talk for now." He grins and winks at you, "Nice knowing you, kid." Gorlak lifts you high above his head and leans back, opening his gaping maw impossibly wide. Rather than struggle, you find yourself frozen in terror as he slowly lowers you into his mouth. The troll's tongue is shockingly slimy as it tastes the tender flesh of your face. You groan in dismay as he swallows, pulling your head into his throat. The stench of stomach acid chokes you as each gulp pulls you closer and closer to a churning death. Gorlak pauses momentarily as he gobbles you up to your waist, savoring the taste of his juicy young meal even as you scream in terror within the slippery confines of his gullet. With another slurp, the troll takes your waist into his mouth, further humiliating you by rolling your balls back and forth on his tongue. Without even realizing what you're doing, you let out a little groan of pleasure and begin to rock your hips back and forth. In response, the slimy muscle of the troll's tongue dexterously wraps around your tenderest parts, molesting every inch of your manhood. Your eyelids flutter as an uncontrollable wave of ecstasy washes over you... you can't hold back! You face reddens with shame as you cum. Satisfied with the mix of flavors that he's discovered, Gorlak leans back and continues to gulp you down. In a matter of moments, your feet slip between the troll's lips and with a noisy SLUUURP, your fate is sealed.

With a deafening belch, the troll reclines onto the soft bed of moss and ferns that line the riverbank. Closing his eyes and smacking his lips in satisfaction, Gorlak pats the green expanse of his bulging stomach. You thrash weakly within your slimy prison, but your struggles seem to do little more than cause the troll's belly to jiggle occasionally. His booming voice seems to surround you as he speaks, "Keep it up, kid... you're givin' me all sorts of tingly feelings! Har, har, har!!!" You can't see your devourer, but you can clearly imagine his mocking expression. Panic grips you as the slippery muscles of Gorlak's stomach grind against your naked body. You continue to thrash and kick, but find your energy leaving you... soon all you can manage is to weakly squirm as your prison continues massaging digestive juices into your bare skin. This can't be it! This can't be the how it all ends!

Unfortunately for you, you're right. It takes several more excruciating hours before you meet your end. The troll thoughtfully caresses the throbbing green length of his erection as he listens to your cries, your pleas for mercy growing increasingly frantic with every passing minute. Soon, you're not even able to form words, and the sounds from his gut become a chorus of bubbling and agonized screaming. Gorlak grins at this, clearly aroused by your torment. His hand pumps up and down his shaft faster now, the veins in his cock pulsing with every stroke. Your muffled shrieks are replaced by wet gurgles as you choke on the rising acids within Gorlak's churning belly. The part of your mind that still clings to consciousness is vaguely aware that chunks of your body are breaking off into the soup of digestive fluids and flesh around you. You whimper pathetically as you recognize the squishy object that brushes against your face... it's the mangled remains of your penis. This is it... you don't have long now. You hear the troll's breath quicken, the walls of his stomach squeezing against you as he masturbates. You let out a little gurgle of panic as the pressure on your softened skull increases. Gorlak grunts softly as he climaxes, splattering the jiggling green expanse of his belly with cum. As a powerful orgasm courses through his body, he clenches his stomach muscles, squishing your head in an instant.

Gorlak looks down at the rounded flesh of his belly and smirks. The white fluid of his cum stands out sharply against his bright green skin, but he doesn't bother to wipe it off. Instead, he leans back on the mossy floor of the streambank to take a nap and finish digesting his meal. No one ever learns of your gruesome demise, and the only clue of your disappearance that the police find is a neatly folded pile of clothes by a stream in the Faybrook Woods. Were they ever to find Gorlak's cave, located deep in a secret (perhaps ancient) corner of the forest, they might be able to guess what happened to you. There in the dark, your shattered bones lie strewn amidst those of countless other hapless boys and girls. Perhaps someone might guess the truth if they saw this. Perhaps they'd know that you learned the hard way what it means to join a troll for supper. But the truth remains veiled, your disappearance just another dark secret of Faybrook Academy.

The End

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