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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 90 - Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Woods (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
You decide that it's time to leave Faybrook Academy behind. Returning home isn't an option either. Even if your parents allowed you to drop out of school, it would just be a matter of time before Sam showed up at your doorstep. Considering her recent actions, it's entirely possible that she'd eat your parents for dinner and then gobble you up for desert. You shudder at the disturbing thought. No... if you're going to survive, you'll have to set out on your own and start a new life. And it has to be tonight, before Sam suspects anything.

That evening, you cram some clothes and toiletries into your backpack. You open your wallet and frown at the discouragingly small amount of cash inside. You're not sure how far twenty dollars will get you... maybe you can hitchhike. You shrug to yourself. It'll have to do. With everything prepared, you set off down the hill toward the Faybrook Woods.

A brisk wind tussles your hair as it whistles through the trees ahead of you. As the sun dips below the horizon, fall leaves sway gently in the breeze. The dying light dulls the brilliant colors of autumn to bruised tones, and the the forest ahead of you takes on an ominously dark presence. You pause momentarily when you reach the threshold of the Faybrook Woods. You know that if you walk straight for a half mile or so, you should reach the road. But you also recall your last trip into the forest with some trepidation. These trees hold dark and magical secrets, and you're not sure you want to learn what they are. But with security guards watching the main road up to the school, this shortcut might be your only hope of escape. You swallow your fear and step into the shrouded darkness of the forest.

You wind your way between gnarled trunks and under thick brush. After only a few hundred yards, your sense of direction fails you. You try to backtrack, but after a few more minutes it becomes clear that you're lost.

Great. Just great. You sigh and think to yourself, 'well, it's not like this night could get any worse.'

Just as this thought crosses your mind, your foot lands in something wet and sticky. Splorch! You grimace in disgust and try to lift your foot, but it's stuck firmly to whatever you just stepped in. You try to wriggle out of your shoe, but the ooze seems to have grabbed hold of your entire ankle. And then a feminine laugh rings out from the trees above you. You squint and look up, but all you can make out is an indistinct mass among the branches. You blink as tiny drops of ooze begin to drip onto your forehead and shoulders with a steady plop, plop, plop! You try to wipe the gunk away, but the strange substance just smears and clings to your skin, tingling wherever it touches you.

“Hahahahaha!” The voice sounds strangely inhuman and almost... wet. “It looks like you're in quite a sticky situation, human.”

“Who are you? Don't hurt me!”

“I hardly think you're in any position to make demands of me.” The woman's voice brims with barely contained amusement. “I caught you, so I can do whatever I want to you.” With these words, an eerie green light fills the canopy above, and your captor slithers into view. To your astonishment, you discover the source of the voice to be a naked woman made entirely of semi-transparent, bio-luminescent green goo. Your mouth hangs open in shock as she slides to the forest floor with a wet sounding gloosh! Plop! Her gelatinous body wobbles with the movement, drawing your attention to her massive breasts, wide hips, and ample backside. Long locks of “hair” frame a face with delicate features, a pointed chin, and almond shaped eyes. You have to admit that despite her strange and inhuman appearance, she's actually quite attractive. The goo-woman's mouth spreads into a delighted grin as she looks you up and down.

“Mmmm... such young and supple meat. I'd like to give you a little taste!” Adrenaline courses through your veins and your heart begins to hammer wildly in your chest, but your loins stir at the morbid implication in her words.

“What? No! Don't come near me!” Ignoring this, the goo-woman saunters up to you, her voluptuous body jiggling with every step. “Stay back! I'm warning you!”

Her mouth twists into a smirk at your threat, “Such noisy meat. Shush.” To your complete surprise, she leans forward and kisses you. The feeling of her gooey lips against yours is unlike anything you've ever felt before. Her gelatinous flesh is warm and pliable, and her tongue is a slithering tentacle of ooze inside your mouth. You can't decide if it's disgusting or enjoyable, and soon determine that it's a little of both. When she pulls back, your mouth tingles and burns slightly. The goo-woman grins in delight and purrs, “Yummy.” Her eyes travel up and down your body hungrily. “Take off your clothes.”


“Strip. Your clothes are no longer necessary.”

Trapped as you are, you don't really have much of a choice in the matter. The goo-woman watches you lustily as you pull your shirt over your head and unbuckle your pants. When at last you remove your underwear, your erect penis bounces out into the cool night air, prompting a squeal of delight from your captor. She licks her lips suggestively, her eyes sparkling gleefully as she stares at your swollen and rigid cock. You blush, unable to hide your arousal from her. A drop of pre-cum glistens at the tip of your penis, illuminated by the soft green light of her glowing body, Your heart still thumps noisily in your chest with fear, but you also feel a strange thrill of excitement.

“What now?” You ask, almost shyly. The goo-woman just grins wolfishly.

“Now? Now we fuck. And I feed.” Before you have a chance to respond, she violently shoves you to the forest floor and jumps on top of you. The impact knocks the wind from your lungs, and by the time you recover your breath, the goo-woman has you pinned. You squirm beneath her, trying in vain to escape... but it's no use.

“No! Stop!” You cry out, tears brimming in your eyes. The goo-woman ignores you, taking hold of your erection and guiding it into the folds of her gelatinous pussy. She rocks back onto your cock, gasping as your shaft plunges into her gooey folds. The shape of your penis is still faintly visible through the woman's semi-transparent flesh. To your horror, you realize that she's going to rape you. “No! Please! I'm a virgin!”

The goo-woman beams down at you with sadistic delight, “Not any more.”

You let out a plaintive mewl as she begins to grind her hips against your groin. The sensation is incredible, and your cheeks burn with shame as she violates you. Tears stream down your cheeks, but you can't help but gasp with pleasure. She begins to bounce up and down on top of you, moaning as the length of your manhood thrusts into her again and again. Disgustingly wet sounds echo through the forest as she rapes you. Splorch! Squelch! Gloosh! Squish! Your ooze-enveloped penis begins to tingle, but the goo-woman only fucks you harder and faster. Sploosh! Squish! Shlorp! The tingling gives way to a burning sensation and you begin to struggle beneath your captor.

“No! No, God! It's starting to burn!” Your screams only seem to heighten the goo-woman's pleasure, and she cries out in ecstasy, squeezing her enormous tits as she rides you. “Please! No more! It hurts!!!” Your rapist's eyelids flutter as she nears climax, her body glowing more brightly with every second. The gelatinous folds of her pussy tighten around your burning cock, and your vision blurs as pain and pleasure mix. Despite your agony, you feel the pressure of an orgasm building. This is it. You're about to cum!

The goo-woman screams, “YES! GIVE IT TO ME! OOH! AHH! YES! YES! AAAAAAAAH!!!!”

The two of you cum simultaneously. Your cock pulses as you empty yourself into the goo-woman, and your whole body quivers with the intensity of your orgasm.

But the burning sensation continues to intensify, soon reaching a crescendo of agony. You look down at your penis. Your shaft is a blurry shape inside of the goo-woman's transparent body, your length totally enveloped by her ooze. You stammer, “N-n-no! Something's wrong! Make it stop!” Splorch! A single wet sound is all the warning that you have before your penis detaches and is pulled deeper into the goo-woman's mass. You stare in horror as the blurry shape of your severed penis floats up into her belly. The blurry shape begins to break apart into chunks, and within seconds it disappears entirely, having been completely absorbed by her body.

The goo-woman stares down at you, a look of lazy satisfaction in her eyes. “Yummy.” She licks her lips tauntingly and smirks, her eyes locked on your own.

Before you have a chance to scream, she buries your face between her gigantic breasts. The ooze of her curvaceous body envelops you, choking you with goop. You struggle weakly, but soon you're completely inside of her body. Everything is gooey and green, and it feels as if you're drowning in half-melted jello. Your vision begins to go black as a familiar burning sensation spreads across your skin. Your final thought is, 'At least I won't die a virgin.' And then with a sickening SQUISH, you're dissolved by the goo-woman. As she liquefies the last few chunks of your flesh, her tits grow larger and heavier, and her ample ass swells and gets rounder. The goo-woman squeezes one of her breasts happily and lets out a gut-rumbling, “BUUUURRRRP!!!” Her gelatinous flesh jiggles with the force of her belch. She moans softly and bites her lip, slipping a hand between her legs. She slowly slides two fingers into her pussy, her sex oozing with arousal and need. Standing over your abandoned clothes, the goo-woman masturbates until she orgasms a second time. As she cums, a jet of ooze squirts from her pussy and splatters your school uniform. Giggling at this final degradation, the goo-woman turns and disappears into the forest. A slime-soaked pile of clothes is the only evidence of your fatal encounter, and no one ever discovers your horrible fate.

When you ran away from school to start a new life, this isn't what you had in mind. But there are probably worse fates than becoming ooze on a goo-woman's tits and ass. And you did always look good in green. All things considered, you can't really complain. In fact, the only thing you can do is...


The End

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