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The Week - Page 1 - The Week - An Introduction - By TheVoreEngineer - Overview

This story contains...
- Oral Vore
- Sex/Rape
If you are easily offended by the stated, it is not recommended that you continue.

Hello, and welcome to "The Week", an interactive vore story made by the TheVoreEngineer. Your goal is simple, to survive. That all you truly need to do, though I know for some, the goal in mind may, bend from the path of survival. Whether of not your goal is to reach the end in one piece, or to end up within the confines of a stomach, I thank you for taking time out of your day to come have a look upon this story. Hopefully you enjoy the story.

About you
You are a young 15 year old male, with nothing too particularly weird or off about you.
You have a slight chubbiness to you, but nothing that harasses your athletic ability.
You are actually quite fit, and can run long distances without tiring yourself out, and are quite speedy.
You are a slight bit shorter for your age, but seem to have the strength of someone three years beyond you.
The only family you have is a younger sister who's only around 4 years of age, and an only mother, after your dad died in a car accident.

The Story
Nothing off has ever really happened within your life, you've lived comfortably within the confines of your home. However, one day, your mother receives an offer, one that would be extremely hard to refuse. Infinite wealth, Power and fortune, fit for a king, all on a singular offer. Now, you have been taken to a remote town, where your mother runs a mining site nearby, looking for one thing. However, within the confines of the town, the women seem to be voracious and predator like, eating any boy or man they may be able to get their hands on. You now begin the hardest week of your entire life, where every choice could take you further, or end your existence forever...

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