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Tifa's adventure - Page 1 - Tifa's adventure - By anthony050 - Overview
(Just a quick note. My spelling isn't great because I have Dyslexia. So just a warning that there will be some spelling errors in the text. If you see an error in the text just pm me and I'll change it and give you credit for it.)

The rules of this story is Tifa is always a pred. Tifa's friends can be preys but it's non-lethal in those scenarios. Tifa's current friends: Sun shang xiang from warriors orochi or dynasty warriors who's in Tifa for most of the story and Yoko ritona (not sure if its her name). Will edit if more are added. Also I'll try to update this weekly, however I can't promise anything. Enough rules now let's get the story started.

Tifa was lying on her back enjoying her latest prey, Sun shang xiang. Tifa and Sun shang xiang had made a bet about who would win in a fight. The winner would be allowed to do whatever she wanted with the looser. After winning Tifa had ordered Sun shang xiang to close her eyes. Tifa then shoved Sun shang xiang's head in to her mouth and haply gobbled down her prey but for some reason was Tifa unable to digest her prey. Being full Tifa decided to sleep for a bit. When Tifa awoke to find her belly flat again. However her prey still didn't digest.

"Hey how long are you going to keep me here?" Sun shang xiang aseked.

"I... uh don't know." Tifa answered feeling a bit awkward talking to her prey.

"Do you even know how to get me out of here?" Sun shang xiang asked.

"Hmm... Oh right I forgot I was supposed to help Yoko today." Tifa exclaimed ignoring Sun shang xiang question

P.s (Theese are not part of the story) I'll refer to Sun shang xiang as just Shang to save time as I need to check how to spell it each time.
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