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2421 A.D. - Page 1 - 2421 A.D. - By sweetladyamy - Overview

The year is 2421 A.D., however to most, they just call it 221 P.A. for Post Apocalypse.

It has been 221 years since the Apocalypse, and back then, it had been said to have been long overdue; the Earth was toxified, overpopulation was a massive problem, incest and criminal acts of rape plus criminalization of abortion contributed to a lot of disease, insubordination and corporal chaos. When the Gods finally chose to annihilate the populace, for those who wished for nothing more than to live peacefully, it was a welcomed sign of change.

The Apocalypse lasted a very long time. Once it had ended, the populace had been reduced from over twenty billion, to less than four billion, and natural resources were allowed to replenish for the first time in over a hundred years. Technology that had worked in the past had lost its ability to function, and the mortal race was forced to re-pioneer from the ground up.

It would seem like this is a story based in Bronze Age proportions, and you would be wrong assuming so. Re-pioneering was rather easy, and within fifty years, a good majority of the technological growth had been re-established, although certain things like the most advanced technology had not been re-established, and for the time being, was considered unnecessary.

But, in the wake of new life, and new laws, certain types of people began tinkering with certain types of technology, and began developing ways of infusing older practices with new, such as hybrid techs like machinery and alchemy, magic and biology, among others.

What is the idea behind these new technologies? Well, there are many different ideas being tested, but one of them is Vore. A lot of what is being tested has not been made public data, but there is limited access to prototype studies on what is being tried, and what is potentially being explored. Everything, from Virtual Reality, to magic and regeneration is being tested.


This is where you come in.

There are several roles you can play, hence there are several viewpoints on the subject.

Technician - Pretty much the one running the show. Is involved very little in the acts of vore, but has control over what goes on, etc.

Programmer - Runs the software, the simulations, does all the computer work. Has more involvement, but is rarely the one committing any acts of vore.

Personnel - Those that do various tasks around the lab, and the complex. Could be a secretary, the custodian, the one working the warehouse, etc. Potentially could be involved with acts of vore.

Bystander - Not involved at all with acts of vore, and can be one of the following:

Opposed - Hates the concept, how it works, everything. Wants nothing to do with vore, and tries to makes others see how wrong/bad/evil it is.

Accepting - Loves the concept, how it works, everything. Supports vorarephiles in every way, and tries to get others to see the marvels of vore.

Indifferent - Neither hates nor loves vore, and has no immediate interest nor disgust in it. Tends to avoid conversations about vore.

Curious - Wanting to know more before deciding on what they think about vore.

*Bystanders are not completely off-limits to those who commit acts of vore, they're just not typically involved but they can be.*

Then, there's the following; they're called Participants:

Hunter of Hunger: These Participants are strictly Predators; they devour prey. Also known as Hunters.

Hunger Quellers: These Participants are strictly Prey; they give themselves to predators to be devoured. Also known as Morsels.

Unyielders: These are the most common Participants; they can be either Predator or Prey and often, they experience an even ratio of Predator and Prey encounters. Also known as Hybrids.

Masters/Mistresses: These are the well-experienced Participants; they typically will be the most difficult to take down. Most of the time they are Predators, however can also be Prey.

As far as gender goes, it is equally balanced, just so that it is fair. Males can be preds or prey, same as females. As far as Herms go, that is Trans in ths story. Trans M, Trans F, CD/TV/TG/TS/GQ/IS are all acceptable. Trans can also be either pred or prey, and is encouraged.

One thing to remember is that this is a story based upon testing and prototypes, and there's not going to be a vore city where it is a Madhouse, or those posts will be removed. Keep this in the lab. Of course, experiments do escape from time to time, but do contact me if you have that kind of idea because I don't want it to lead to the Vore City Madhouse.

Well, other than that, let us get started.

Now, the first thing that you will be asked is if you're male, female, or trans. I might add the option of being able to be something other than human later, but not at this moment. I also will not allow Master/Mistress Participants right at the beginning either.
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