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Rite of Passage - Page 1 - Rite of Passage - By studmonkey - Overview
It was a rite of passage. He was an enigma, the giant, as no one in your village seems to know where he came from. Deep within the woods, a long journey from home, is where he resides. There wasn't much known about him, only that the people who have visited him have actually lived to tell the tale. They never speak of what happened in the interaction, but only encourage you to take the journey yourself. They say he is...wise, and welcoming. A lone boy of 13, on the verge of becoming a man, you are sent off with nothing but a change of clothes, a sleeping roll, and some food to take the day's journey to visit the large man.

You travel through the woods, the foliage getting thicker and thicker as the sun seems to disappear above the canopy. A mossy hill leads you downwards for sometime, while the treeline seems to rise higher and higher. Hours have gone by, and night has crept up on you. You sleep for the night, knowing the trip should come to an end sometime tomorrow afternoon.

You awake to the sounds of nature, the buzzing of insects and chirping of birds. A relaxing moment that you can't take in. You're nervous about the encounter. The man is a giant after all. He is going to be bigger, stronger, smarter, faster... you keep trying to tell yourself that its a safe place. The townsfolk all agreed as well. Why would it be a rite of passage to manhood if it would harm you? You continue to ponder the possible outcomes as you pack yourself and continue on.

Again, many hours seem to pass, the sun high above your head as you happen upon what looks like an oversized cabin. Smoke rises from the red-bricked chimney. The entire exterior of the building seems to be structured with logs. You think to yourself that he must've built it himself. "This must be it..." you whisper to yourself, still feeling uneasy about the entire situation. You were told to just be yourself in the encounter. Hopefully that ends in your favor.

There is a clear door to the cabin, directly in front of you. A large pile of firewood is to the left side against the home, leading up to a window. Do you...
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