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Skyrim is for...Vore?! - Page 19 - It worked, sort of... - By Insanity7 - Overview
“Don't just stand there, kill that thing! Guards, get the townspeople to safety!”

You stay still and silent, hoping for the monster to go away when you feel a hand grab your shoulder. “Hey, Khajiit! Get up! Come on, the gods won't give us another chance!” The friendly nord from before lead you to a tower where the rest of the prisoners are hiding. You grab a knife to cut the rope binding your wrists together.

“Khajiit, here” you lift your head as the Nord signaled you to come. “BOOM!” You stand back as the wall in the middle of the stairs crumble and the dragon start blasting fire in every direction. As he goes away the Nord signals you again. See the inn on the other side?” You see the inn with a hole big enough for you to go through. “Jump through the roof and keep going! Go! We'll follow you when we can!” You didn't need to be told twice, you jump and manage to land standing. You immediately run downstairs as you see that the roof is going to fall. You peak outside a little and see some of the previous imperials survive a fireball from the dragon. The imperial from before notice you before you can retreat inside the building. “Still alive, prisoner? Keep close to me if you want to stay that way. Gunnar, take care of the boy. I have to find General Tullius and join the defense.” You follow him, after all it's better than waiting inside a falling building. “Gods guide you, Hadvar.” The guard called Gunner tells him.

“Stay close to the wall!” Hadvar shouts, and you obeyed. Not even a moment later the dragon perches right above the space you vacated and unleashed the most impressive firestorm you have ever seen. You continue to follow him until you two reach the main gate’s carnage. You see the soldiers firing arrows in vain. “Tell my family I fought bravely!” One of the guards manage to say before he was burned to crisp. “Hadvar! Into the keep, soldier, we're leaving!” The general orders him and you follow, not wanting to be left behind. He turns to you. “It's you and me, prisoner, stay close!” You follow him across the burning remains of what was Helgen while soldiers died around you.

As you two get near the keep you can see the Nord approach. Hadvar saw him too and he wasn't happy. “Ralof! You damned traitor, out of my way!” Hadvar shouts. “We're escaping, Hadvar! You're not stopping us this time.” Was his response. “Fine.” Harvard says, his voice taking a tone of resignation. “I hope that dragon takes you all to Sovngarde.” Then, they direct their attention over you.
“You, come on! Into the keep!”
“With me, prisoner! Let's go! Come on! We need to get inside!”

Who do you follow...
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