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Skyrim is for...Vore?! - Page 20 - Follow Ralof - By Insanity7 - Overview
You two enter the keep and close the door. Upon entering, Ralof goes to check on a fallen comrade. “We'll meet again in Sovngarde, brother.” He says, looking at the corpse. He then looks at you. “Looks like we're the only ones who made it. That thing was a dragon. No doubt. Just like the children's stories and the legends. The harbingers of the End Times. We better get moving. Come here, let me see if I can get those bindings off.” He cut the rope. ”There you go. May as well take Gunjar's gear...he won't be needing it anymore.Alright, get that armor on and give that axe a few swings. I'm going to see if I can find some way out of here.” You start putting on the armor and found that it fits you with exception of the chest plate. It doesn't bother you too much as you're accustomed to it.

“This one's locked. Let's see about that gate. Damn. No way to open this from our side.” He says. “Come on, soldier! Keep moving!” You hear the bitch voice nearing your position as Ralof curse. “It's the Imperials! Take cover!” You quickly hide at the side of the gate, were they can not see you. “Get this gate open.” You hear the bitch say, a moment later the gate opens. “Imperial dogs!” Ralof shouts and launch himself against the bitch and her guards. His attack made them not notice you and give you a perfect opportunity to attack as their backs were exposed to you. You grab the axe with your hands but before you can a stray thought pass through your head. You can eat her, she was trying to get you killed without even knowing about you so you can pay it back that way. You see that the bitch doesn't have a helmet and her gut is too big that there is no breast plate that fits her, which makes your task easier. You...
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