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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 61 - Pauline's Promotion (GAME OVER) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Princess Stew... I'll have to try that recipe!" Bowser laughed, grinning wide with pride. His men had pulled off their blockade maneuver perfectly, and humiliated as well as eliminated his rivals in the process.

"That's foul!" Pauline yelled, disgusted that somebody could actually stomach something like that. Those were her friends he was talking about!

"Well, we koopas are foul," Bowser stated. "And speaking of foul koopas, here come some now!"

With that, Kammy Koopa lead in the army that had just devoured all of Pauline's potential saviors. They were all beaming with pride just as Bowser had been, especially the koopa privates who had not become koopatrols yet. Eying them, Bowser spoke up.

"Kammy, I think it's time these koopas here got their reward. What do you think about that?" Bowser asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes, your awfulness, I think they do deserve a reward. Especially the little ones who nipped the princesses in their buds, so to speak." Kammy replied, bowing to her master respectfully.

"Ah yes, them! I think they deserve something special." Bowser proclaimed, glancing over at Pauline in a way that made her sweat with anxiety. "I think they deserve a promotion!"

With this, the koopas all cheered, even those already in armor. The initiation of new koopatrols was a special event to be cherished by all.

"Now, usually, we'd use one of our own females as the initiation ceremony, but today we have a special guest with us, so let's let her join in this time, shall we?" Bowser suggested, leering at Pauline, who shook her head in rejection of the idea.

"Great idea, Lord Bowser the Awesome!" one of the koopatrols said, showering his king with praise.

"Well then, let the ritual begin!" Bowser roared, pushing Pauline's cage over and knocking her out of it onto the ground. From there, the overly-excited initiates grabbed her and each positioned themselves near one of her virgin holes.

"No, please! I don't want to do this!" Pauline begged, tears rolling out of her eyes as she did.

"Oh, but Paula, this is an honor! Very few women get to help lowly koopas become something greater." Bowser said with false assurance, knowing how scared his captive was.

"Oh, noooooomph-!" Pauline began to scream, before her mouth was filled up with the fat koopa cock of the soldier who had previously been so unenthused.

"This is so cool! Best day ever!" He yelled with glee, thrusting in and out of Pauline's mouth so that his turtle balls slapped against her chin and the back of her head bounced off the floor. The other two koopas joined him in their own holes, drilling Pauline's pussy and ass so that she squirmed in pain and horror against their rapid thrusts with her legs held high in the air.

One koopatrol noticed Pauline's red toes wiggling with shameful pleasure and began to jerk himself off with them, then the other eight joined in, some on her breasts, some on her face, and others near her ass. Soon, all 12 koopas were near ready to burst, but they kept at it for hours, edging themselves and trying to see who could hold out the longest. The initiation orgasm was meant to be intense.

"I can't help myself, I'm gonna lose my mind!" One of the initiates shouted after three and a half hours, humping as quick as he could into Pauline's throat, feeling her soft lips sliding up and down his shaft and her tongue licking at his tip- she couldn't keep herself from tasting her conquerer. At the peak of his most powerful thrust, the initiate blew his entire load, emptying his nuts directly into Pauline's belly. The other initiates soon followed, filling her anus and womb with sloppy koopa sperm.

Finally, the koopatrols allowed themselves to let go of their loads and joined their new equals in a satisfying orgasm. Their jizz splattered all over Pauline's face, tits, ass and feet, and as the dick was removed from her mouth, she moaned with a terrifying mixture of pain and arousal, splattering her own womanly juices everywhere and humiliating herself completely.


In the end, the koopas were given their new armor, and Pauline was left as a saucy reminder of the excitement that took place on their moving up day.

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