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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 67 - "Let's whack the koopatrols with our weapons!" - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Let's whack the koopatrols with our weapons! The koopas seem to be out of the way," Peach observed, lightly kicking each of them off into the distance in order to emphasize her point. "So that's all that's left to do, right?"

"Right!" Daisy agreed, already pulling out her rock and leaping forward to gleefully slam it over an unprepared koopatrol's head. Even with his thick armor, he was knocked out instantly. With Peach joining in with her frying pan, and Rosalina adding her magic wand to the mix, the rest of the koopatrols soon followed suit. A pile of turtle and armor was left on the ground in front of the star, but otherwise the path was now clear.


"Excellent." Rosalina concluded, putting her wand away and patting her hands on her magically fluctuating leotard to finalize the deed. In response, Peach walked over to the Power Star and lifted it high to symbolize their victory over the small koopa army, as well as another step taken towards rescuing Pauline.


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