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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 68 - Reverse Hostages (DEATH) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Let's hold the koopas hostage." Peach suggested.

"Oh, you mean like, trade them for the Power Star?" Daisy asked, a sly grin forming on her face. "I like it. Peach, I never knew you could be so... devious."

"Well, I just think it could help us win the fight without anymore violence." Peach replied, blushing lightly.

"A noble thought. Let us put it to good use before the koopatrols get any closer." Rosalina said.

"Right," Peach nodded. She cleared her throat, and then in her most official royal voice, she spoke up to her advancing foes, who were now quite near the princesses' position-

"I, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, on behalf of my matriarch friends and I, would like to propose a fair trade: Your koopa companions, for one Power Star. If you accept this trade, then your friends shall be returned to you safely. If not, then they shall be... deshelled."

This stopped the koopatrols dead in their tracks.

"Deshelled? Ha! Y-you don't have the guts!" One of the koopatrols attempted to jeer, but his stammering gave him away. He was scared. Being deshelled would be a humiliating experience for the young koopas, and one that would likely end with their severe punishment at the claws of Lord Bowser. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Try us." Daisy responded flatly, wiggling her fingers and hovering them above on of the koopa shells threateningly. She exuded danger, and the koopatrols could sense it.

"Fine, we'll give you the Power Star! Just... please, give us our comrades back!" One of the koopatrols begged.

"So it shall be." Peach giggled, proud that her plan was working. When she reached for the koopa shell at her feet though, her heart dropped; the shell was empty. Before she could register what exactly this meant, she felt a pair of turtle jaws wrapping around her head and quickly dropping down to her waist, pinning her arms to her sides and leaving her defenseless. She couldn't see a thing, but from the muffled screams she heard around her, Peach knew something similar had happened to her princess pals. Little by little, Peach's attacker drew her legs into his mouth until finally even her little pink toes were sucked greedily into his maw.

The knowledge that this very same thing had happened to her friends, and that they were all doomed because of her idea, was too much. Peach screamed and cried and struggled, but nothing could stop her hungry enemy from swallowing her down into his belly.

"Dude, check out how fat we are!" One koopa laughed, barely audible to the swallowed princess as she shifted uncomfortably in its stomach.

"Yeah, those princess dweebs are more filling than they look!" Another replied cheerfully. "This yellow one barely even fits in my belly!"

"Haha! Yeah! Deshelled... pfft. They couldn't even keep track of us long enough to use us as bargaining chips, let alone deshell us. What do you say we teach them one last lesson?" The koopa who had eaten Rosalina asked, nudging his buddy.

Suddenly, Peach felt a pressure that had not been there before. Along with the rising stomach acids slowly burning her skin, she felt something bash against her side. Something moving. It took her a few moments to realize what was happening, but when she did, she could barely believe it- the koopas were slamming their bellies together, teasing the princesses by making them feel each other as they dissolved away to nothing! All three of them yelped in terror and pain as they melted away, but this only made the koopas laugh louder.

"You're not so smart now, huh? Naw, you're nothing but stupid belly fat!" One of them mocked, flopping his new princess bulge up and down and making the brunette inside of him feel dizzy and sick. This humiliation continued for an hour, and by the time the koopas stopped, the princesses had been digested into oblivion.

"BRAAAP!!" One koopa burped, sending a crown with a light blue jewel clattering to the ground as the sole remains of his recent meal. "Uuugh, I'm feeling heavy." He groaned.

"It was worth it, though." One of his friends said, rubbing his still fat belly with satisfaction unparalleled.

"Totally, dude." The last koopa, (who had been previously bored with the idea of eating the girls) agreed. "Totally worth it." With that, he slowly stood up and trudged over to his koopatrol superiors, who patted him on the back and helped slide his shell back on over his shoulders. It was a bit tight because of the extra weight, but it still fit decently thanks to its stretchy frontside.

"Good work, soldier." The lead koopatrol commended his underling, feeling proud to have helped train him. Losing his own shell to catch Peach had been a stroke of tactical genius, and it would not go unrewarded. "Now let's go home and get us our reward."

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