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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 8 - Prologue Pt. II - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"I'm so glad both of you could make it here!" Princess Peach beamed, leaning over to touch her bare, pink-painted toes in order to stretch out her legs. Her and her friends had just been practicing gymnastics and baton twirling for the upcoming olympic games on Planet Mobius and were just about to take a break for tea and conversation.

"It is good to be here." Replied Princess Rosalina, stirring her tea gently with her magic wand.

"Yeah!" Agreed Princess Daisy with an enthusiastic fist pump. "I just wish Paulina would get here, the dweeb. We'll never win gold if our teammate isn't at practice!"

"Hm..." Peach said, looking around her big room as she fixed her pink leotard. "It is odd that she isn't here yet. Rosalina, did Paulina say anything about being late to you?" she asked.

"I do not think so..." Rosalina answered, furrowing her brow slightly out of concern for her friend.

Just then, the castle began to shake.
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