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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 1 - Introduction and Rules - By eleventh - Overview
You are a seventeen year old boy named Luke who wants to earn some extra cash. Since it is common for woman to swallow males whole, and you are immune to digestion, you decide to take advantage of this trait and sell yourself as food for the ladies. This story is directly based on the story inspired by the original interactive by the same name, that have both since gone the way of the dodo. Feel free to add, but please keep in mind the following guidelines.
1) The main character is believed to be indigestible, but every stomach is different, so he can be digested. If the main character is digested, he is dead, no reformation or switching points of view to another character. This does not restrict the expelling of the main character, however, and scatty endings are allowed.
2) This story is told in the second person perspective. I don't expect perfect grammar or spelling, but please, keep it in the second person perspective.
3) Alternative vore (ie: non-oral vore) is allowed, and I encourage imaginative posts, but please, nothing just plain ridiculous, like ear or nose vore.
4) No male predators. Herms, or females packing extra equipment, are allowed, and in such instances cock vore is allowed.
This interactive story is meant to be fun and arousing, so I'm not putting any additional content restrictions on it. This means sex, shrink, scat and pretty much anything else goes as long as it is in context.
Also, I do not claim ownership of the original interactive story of the same name, I'm just reviving it because it was a good interactive and was removed when the author left the site. Rules are a bit less restrictive than in the, uh, old new interactive, since I go with "don't click it if you don't want to see it".
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