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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 281 - The belly shrinks - By CraftedLotus - Overview
You awake inside Miss Browns stomach. The feeling of warmth that helps lull you to sleep has been replaced with a stinging pain. The pitter patter from the shower is gone. Now all around you is the rumble of the digestive track gearing up for some major work. You panic and quickly begin flailing around looking for an exit. However, all this manages to accomplishes is covering your body more thoroughly with acid. You begging shouting out to miss brown begin to be let out, but there is no response.

Your body is now in overdrive. Dumping mass amounts of adrenaline to stop the pain. You make one more frenzied attempt to somehow escape your fate. In response to your frantic movement. Miss Brown's stomach clamps down around you forcing acid deeper into your skin. This overloads your pain receptors, and you instinctively curl up well the stomach releases you again. Your skin is bright red as the stomach acid soaks in. It is now you notice the acid beginning to rise filling your fleshy tomb.
Laying curled up crying hysterically from the pain, as your undulating prison begins to finish what its started.

Outside Miss Brown lays in bed dreaming comfortably as the struggling form in her belly slowly losses it shape. Eventually, all that could be heard was the sound of Lilith's bowels repurposing you. her belly quickly begins to shrink back down to its normal size, as you are broken down into basic nutrients, and spread all over her body.

Lilith awakes the next day with a massive pressure in her lower abdomen. "Guess you are ready to come out now huh kid?"
With that Miss Brown walks to the bathroom and deals with you. After cleaning up she stands gazing at her new figure in the mirror. "Damn Luke! you really gave this ass a hand" Miss Brown says as she sinks her fingers into her now far plumper rump. "I don't think ill be able to fit into my jeans anymore." Miss Brown says aloud. "Oh well it's whatever ill just go buy some new clothes with that seven hundred dolors " saved."

Lilith laughs as she gets ready to go shopping the only thing remaining to indicate you were ever alive is the ass you gave to some random woman.
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