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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 282 - Her experienced tummy is to strong - By CraftedLotus - Overview
Alison's Stomach begins secreting digestive acids onto the slick walls preventing you from getting a footing. You slip and struggle to prevent your self from curling up inside the blond woman's stomach. When suddenly you feel a massive amount of pressure. Alison is using her hands on her stomach to force you into a fetal position. the acid is rising quickly and numbing your body. between the heat and the lack of oxygen you pass out. The blond woman stomach waste no time grinding you into a soup to be used for her growing body.

Outside Alison is lounging in a chair with her sister staring at her her shrinking belly.memorized at the speed her sister's belly is shrinking. Abby finally asks a question breaking the silence "So how long till we see what else he fills out?" Abby asks playfully. "Well, I can already feel my top tightening already. So, I know for a fact that he is on his way here!" Alison says as she grasps her breast in her hands. "Truthfully I hope some of him goes to my ass too." Alison says as she grabs her bulging belly. "really" ask Abby, as she draws little hearts on the stomach with her finger. "Man I wish I won the coin flip."
"Sorry, sis every one knows that the universe just loves blonds more." with that both woman laugh and continue on with there lives.
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