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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 284 - Storage Room - By CraftedLotus - Overview
Much to the dismay of the other popular girls, and Meghan's delight you choose Private. Upon hearing this the pretty little red head quickly grabs your hand and leads you away.

You are amazed at the strength of her hand as she leads you down the hall like a lost child. You glance down at her hand to see why its so strong, but as you look down your eyes see something else. Meghan's ass is unbelievably fat, and yet you can clearly make out her ripped leg muscles. perplexed by this you start staring at her ass intently. its rhythmically swaying aligned with each step of her heels striking the tile floor. Her every step stretching the striped yoga pants tightly across her supple curves have you completely memorized, and you begin having trouble keeping up with you captor. You are unaware of it, but you are bing put into a hypnotic trance.

Meghan quickly takes notice of you new fascination, but says nothing she just smiles and keeps walking down the hall. Other students in the hall have also taken notice of your sad state, as you are dragged along by your hand. two things are immediately recognizable. The first is that Meghan is in complete control of this situation. The second was the tent that you have propped in your pants, as your hunched over form is incapable of taking your eyes off her thick beautiful bottom.

This causes a wide range of attention on Meghan as she proudly strides with her victim in tow. Most of the females give praise to Meghan as, well as some great jests at you. The men that witness your fate take this lesson to heart, and make sure not to repeat your mistake.

after a few minutes of walking you arrive at your destination the storage closet. Meghan quickly unlocks the door,and brings you inside closing and locking the door as she enters.
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