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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 285 - Devoured in the dark - By CraftedLotus - Overview
Inside the dark room Meghan has grabbed you by the head and shoved your face right into her rear end.
"So, Luke, Meghan said as she shifted you face.
"Bit of an ass man huh?" slightly coming out of the trance you responded.
"yes Mistress Meghan, i love your big ass.
its just so perfect," You say through a muffled voice in between massive sniffs from her taint.
"Mistress, can't say I have heard that one before.
But, you men always reveal your true desires and tendencies under hypnosis don't you?" "yes mistress," you say, as you move your hands and start massaging her ass.
"Wow," Meghan says aloud.
"these hypnotic pants were worth the $400 I spent on them.
You know Luke, they say these pants make it impossible to lie when you are under there effect.
let's try it out shall we?
Luke do you want to be anal vored?" "Oh god would I ever mistress." you reply back to her.
"Somehow I thought you would." She says, in a mocking tone. "Ok then strip down for me and in a minute you will be all mine."
a few minutes later
you snap out of your trance.
"what the fuck where am~", but before you can finish something knocks you over.
You land on what feels like a mattress, but you are not sure.
Before you have time to figure out whats going on Meghan pounces on you.
you realize she is naked, as she wrestles you for control.
Meghan quickly maneuvers into position, and forces you in a head lock with her impossibly strong legs.
forcing her calf behind your head Meghan puts all of her body weight down on your head.
this has the desired effect.
With your face buried firmly in her ass your air flow is severely restricted greatly weakening your strength.
the second is that this is making her intolerably horny.
Meghan quickly goes about masturbating on top of you, as you struggle below her ass fighting for air.
The thought of knowing that she can kill you with just her ass makes her feel so much more powerful.
Meghan has a small orgasm before she continues anal voreing you.
With that the Red Head quickly begins to force you up her ass.
Stopping only at the shoulders Meghan stands up your with head trapped in her rectum.
She quickly shifts her body and squats down.
This sends the rest of your body up to your feet inside of her.
Meghan lays down on the mattress casually sliding the rest of your feet in her before cleaning up and getting dress again.
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