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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 286 - New Tenant - By CraftedLotus - Overview
After making herself presentable again Meghan prepares to leave the room with you in tow. Looking in the mirror one more time she takes pride in the bulge you are making in her lower abdomen as you are forced through her intestines. She gives her gut a firm smack. "Are you still alive in their man meat?"

Inside the redhead's gurgling guts everything is disorienting. The smell alone has you on the verge of puking and the heats almost enough to make you pass out. The tight confines of her digestive track are crushing the life out of you. you squirm and try to push around, but all this does is manage to get you further into the greedy guts.

After a few moments of rumbling from her abdomen, Meghan speaks again. "Well, I can feel you moving around in there. I'm going to take it you can't hear me huh?" a loud long grown is the only response. "fair enough never thought you would be brain food anyway" and with that Meghan returns to the lunch room.

Meghan's black tank top is nowhere near enough to cover the distortion you are making in her midsection, but Meghan does not care. In fact, she loves the attention. After all, it is a status symbol to be able to vore. everyone should know that she is one of the elites in this world, so why not flaunt it.

Meghan's belly swayed side to side as she struts her way back to the cafeteria. Each step sliding you a little further up towards her belly. Finally, Meghan had reached the cafeteria, and you had reached her belly. open reaching her belly slippery flesh presses in around you, wrapping your naked body in its warm and pungent embrace.
You barely have room to breathe, much less move, but all of your survival instincts scream at you to fight.
You're choked with terror, but you force yourself to think rationally.
You need to find a way out!
You wriggle experimentally within your fleshy prison, testing the walls around you. you frantically kick and scream, as you pound on the fleshy walls. bu,t to your horror you find that the stomach walls only stretch a bit before snapping back into place.
feminine laughter fills the fleshy chamber, as Meghan rejoins the other girls.
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