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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 287 - quick end - By CraftedLotus - Overview
After spending the rest of the school day laughing at your fate and socializing. Meghan starts her walk home from school, as it has only been a few hours since digestion started you are still alive and in a great deal of misery. Your skin has melted away your soft tissues. every step Meghan takes sends shock waves of pain through your melting form, as it makes her stomach rub against you. You curse your foolishness as the pretty little red heads stomach has its way with you.

By the time Meghan arrives home even your as bones are starting to soften up, yet you still remain fully aware and couscous of your body. even through over a third of your mass has been broken down and absorbed. you still remain aware.

Meghan enters her home and removes her high heels. "I love that these boots make my butt stand out more, but man they hurt to walking when you are carrying someone else. Well, I guess it could be worse I could be where you are at huh? so tell me Luke, was my ass worth dieing for? more gurgles are the only response. Meghan just sighs as she goes upstairs and gets ready for bed.

After brushing her teeth and putting on her panties Meghan gets ready to finish dealing wit you. "Now look, I can still feel you moving around in there and I'm not going to be able to sleep because of it. so i'm just going to put you down now ok?" with that Meghan puts a wide belt around her stomach and pulls tight. Your weakend form unable to endure the pressure breaks down. your body joining the rest of the soup that is you. With that Meghan quickly goes to sleep to finish dealing with her meal.

Meghan wakes the next morning and runs to the bath room mirror. turning the lights on she quickly looks at her breast. there is no noticeable increase in size." WTF" Meghan says angularly. turning around Meghan notices where you went, as her ass is slightly larger. "Why? WHY!? do they always go to my ass? Don't these fuckers know how hard it is to work that off! God, I can't wait to dump this fucker." With that fat ass read head storms off. the only sign you every here at all is the extra layer of fat you selfishly put on her big beautiful ass.
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