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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 441 - She'll let you out, but only the "natural" way - By P3r3grine - Overview
"Ha! No." Rachel is short with you, clearly enjoying having power over you. "I ate you like food, and the only way food comes out of me is through my ass. You'll just have to follow suit." Gravity shifts a little as Rachel bends over and slaps her ass before promptly going back to what she was doing, ignoring you once again. You tried to get her attention again to no avail; evidently, she had put her headphones back on.

Several more mind-numbing hours ticked by as she went about her job, with you jostled around within her, forced to wait. However, after the waiting period is over, Rachel clocks out and steps outside, starting her walk home. She takes quick, powerful strides, walking with purpose and moving at a decent pace. All the vertical movement that entails bounces you inside her, which she is apparently enjoying. With each step, you're pressed by gravity further into her digestive tract, her intestines working their way around you more and more as she walks.

"You holding out in there alright?" She asks while stroking her belly a few times. "We're almost home; then I can REALLY focus on you... I haven't given up JUST yet." Within the time it takes for her to walk two city blocks, you're completely passed into her intestinal path.

After a while, she gets to her home. It was a decent amount of walking, and since you have no sense of direction inside her, you don't even know if you'll be able to figure out where you are once you escape her.

Regardless, it sounds like she went to sleep. You have no choice but so wait until her body is done with you.

You wonder if her intestines are any stronger than her stomach.
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