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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 442 - She keeps you in there (+ digestive aid) - By P3r3grine - Overview
You get no reply. You feel her shifting, then hear something happen in her mouth... a moment later a small disk is thrown into the pit with you along with some water she swallowed. Suddenly, the scent of cherry starts to creep into your nose, slowly growing stronger until it emanates strongly from your surroundings. A digestive aid!

"Sorry little buddy, but I'm a sore loser. You're supposed to get digested, so I'm GOING to digest you. You're staying inside of me until you're gone." Rachel is serious. The hope of getting to your appointment fades away fully.

After her shift, Rachel starts walking home, her steps shaking up the contents of her stomach and providing more surface contact with her acids. You start to worry as you begin to feel hot.

Rachel enters her home as you're dizzying in the humidity of her belly. You feel lightheaded and tired, almost as if you have heat stroke. Her fluids are thick, and they cling to your body. It's like sitting in glue. The walls also feel like they're pressing in with significant power.

"Ooohhh... you are SO done in there." Rachel says, knowing the aid is working. "But hey, don't worry: at least you'll be a part of my body now. Trust me, this was basically the only positive use for your life. Alright, I'm going to bed now. You're better be nice and melted when I get up..."

True to her word, she goes to sleep, leaving you to her guts. You sit inside, cursing the digestive aid and trying to take deeper breaths to stay awake. However, it's all for naught, and after a while you pass out inside her.

The following morning, sunlight floods the room as Rachel slowly rouses. She's completely naked, preferring to sleep that way, and her arms and legs are spread out. She stretches and sits up, noticing her belly is flat once again. Relieved that you finally gurgled away, she sighs slightly.

Noticing some changes, she looks down again and sees that her chest has expanded greatly, plumped by the fat and milk you were grinded down to create. They sway and jiggle as she shifts in her bed, weighed down by your additions. She laughs to herself a little as she gets out of bed and puts on some pants.

Remaining topless to admire her enlarged breasts and flat stomach, she realizes that you're still within her hips, ready to leave. She walks to the bathroom, not wasting any time in removing you from her digestive system. In a short few minutes, you're fully evacuated into the toilet, leaving her to clean up and walk away, happy with your digestion and staying topless for the rest of the day.


Rachel continues to work at the convenience store, still doing the same mundane tasks you remember her doing while you were trapped in her belly. The only difference to her daily routine is that she now no longer wears bras to work, preferring to leave her tits unbound so that she can press what remains of you against the counter as she inconspicuously leans against it, feeling pangs of pleasure run through her body like electricity every time she does. You might not have made it to your goal, but you didn't mind being a layer of Rachel's titfat, either; she played with her boobs often, moaning while she did. You helped her get off many, many times, never tiring of your new job.
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